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    Certain aspects of the model can change (as is apparent when you change professions... or die and turn into a skeleton... or go through eldritch transformation), just not the hat. Commented lines in an unused event (a selenian transformation thing where a stalk grows out of the colonist's head) lead me to believe that part was just never implemented.

    I'm still trying to find a way to destroy-then-recreate, but so far my tests haven't worked. Granted I may have just not been using the right odin function. Creation of the model seems to be tied to a lot of hardcoded stuff, and I haven't figured a way around it just yet. Not to say it's impossible, but there's a *lot* to dig through and figuring out what is actually functional and what is remnant code is pretty tricky to say the least haha :D

    I actually need to test what happens if a colonist with a hat goes through eldritch transformation or dies, come to think of it. I don't think anything weird will happen, but who knows. If you have any confirmation of what happens in those instances, let me know. It's not the easiest thing to test without a lot of custom coding to create the ideal situation.

    Oh and as for the party thing: I've seen code bits mentioning it. Definitely something I'd love to implement at some point. Basically *everything* they had in progress or axed seems really cool, and I plan to get as much of it working as possible. For instance today I'm working to enable as much of the extra decor as possible. They had seemingly planned to tie those pieces to more interesting functions, and I plan to do that as well, but the initial implementation will just be extra decor options. The sheer amount of unused assets is mind boggling... and nearly all of it is ready to be implemented in-game.
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    I've made hacks that created colonists back in the day, but have never gone through exactly how colonists die/get removed. Not well, if all the dead colonists lying around still displaying their last job is any indication.

    Also, where have you been all this time, and how can we convince you to never, ever leave?
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    I've been around since early Dredmor days, but I just lurked and submitted bug reports via email because I was on an extended "public online social interaction blackout" kick. I didn't want to get into modding the game until it was done, so I hadn't really looked at the code much until now. I didn't expect such a tragic end to the game and Gaslamp, otherwise I would have been working my butt off to submit fixes and whatnot during development.

    As for never leaving: this is a passion project, and something I've been desperate for for a verrrry long time, so I don't expect I'll be leaving... barring getting sucked into the void or pod-people-d... or the Heart of Gold shows up at my doorstep...... or I find out I'm an 11 year old wizard. I have been messing around with making my own simulation game for quite awhile, but the foundation work to get it to the point of adding fun stuff led to a lot of burnout. This happens to be the perfect project since the theme is a favorite of mine, the foundation is already there, it's really easy to change, and I happen to really love the game itself. Plus the sheer amount of unused assets lets me add a *ton* before I have to worry about new models/animations/etc. I also happen to enjoy learning and playing with existing systems more than creating my own, so all around it's an ideal situation... even with (or perhaps because of) the hardcoded limitations.

    Regarding colonist clean-up: I *think* their odd way of being handled was somewhat intentional... at least in the sense that they planned to do more with it. I'm pretty confident I can change how it works though... at the very least releasing them from their hellish existence of reliving their final moments forever.
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    **EDIT** Just realized there is a slight visual bug with colonist job progress bars that this update caused. It'll be fixed in 0.8.2, sorry about that.

    Newest version (0.8.1) up. Mostly UI-related stuff that took way longer than it should have :p

    • FIX: UI - Laboratory projects state "Already Completed" after swapping to another category
    • FIX: UI - Resetting laboratory projects in a non-selected group doesn't update until re-selected
    • CHANGE: UI - "Jobs" button changed to the fancy version
    • CHANGE: UI - "Factions" button change to the fancy version
    • CHANGE: UI - Population/workplace cap top menu item has been spruced up
    • CHANGE: UI - Disturbance points top menu item has been spruced up
    • CHANGE: UI - Provisions top menu item has been spruced up
    • CHANGE: UI - Toggle building view button changed to a fancy version
    • CHANGE: UI - Pause button changed to a fancy version
    • CHANGE: UI - Time of day image moved, ugly (pointless) border removed

    - Pause and building toggling buttons on the top menu don't have the fancy hover effect the other menus have. This is unavoidable because of how those work on the hardcoded side of things. This is the same reason the factions and jobs buttons don't have the little arrow when they're selected.

    Here's a comparison of the UI changes:

    The reason for the totally different jobs icon is because that's the icon GG had already created, but hadn't yet implemented. I can make a new one if the old "people working" style is preferred. Oh and the "disturbance" text is unfortunately not removeable. That chunk is hardcoded, and I haven't figured out a way to just hide it.
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    The save games you've supplied don't crash for me, so I think you're just overloading the system. I can't even open the console.txt files you've supplied because of how big they are. That is an insane amount of stuff queued up, and it could be that you are playing too long in a single session and the console gets so big the engine starts to fail. I could start removing a bunch of instances where constant writing to the console log occurs, but the point of that is to determine crash issues.

    To mitigate the issue I'd suggest restarting the application now and then. Every few hours or so should be enough. Not building quite so much stuff, or at the very least waiting until you need it, would probably help too (both in terms of stability, and in terms of having a happy+productive colony).
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    Do you think you'll be able to fix the increase in despair for being well fed? I'm holding off on playing until that is fixed since it kinda kills the mid to late game for me
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    It's probably fixable. Is the issue just that well fed is wrongly increasing despair? Or is it just confusion on how the despair reasons are worded? Being "well fed but happier with higher quality food" is intended, after all.
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    In the colonist information menu, when showing reasons for despair, I believe it goes to +14 despair for being 'well fed' this seems like an error as it disincentivizes cooking better food.
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    Are they eating the best food possible for their social class? I think it may be more of a problem with how the info is stated, rather than a problem with being well fed. Basically I think it's that they're well fed, *but* they aren't eating high quality food.. and the game just makes it seem like being well fed is the problem.

    Granted I'm just guessing. I'll have to look into it, but my gut tells me this is what is going on.
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    Have the same.feeling.

    Ok i play too much ehehe
    No, ok i understand. Howether it's always funny to read in an other words, "a game that you don't have to play too much"
    About the gameplay issue; I do not have a gourmet approach, i just want to rush until the last phasis, to testing your correctivs about Steam knight. Something I've never been able to do until now.
    And certainly because, that you have explain to me.
    In same time, for the worst, the inadequacy of my approach highlights the lack of the contours of this internal management of the console.
    May be a little Laudanum to help him drain his memory ?
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    The console could certainly be made less crazy, in particular for areas that are well established as working just fine. I'll put it on my to-do list.

    As for the way you play: I think it will actually take you *longer* to reach end game in the way you're doing it. Having that many modules in your workshops means the ones at the bottom of your list will likely never be made. The module list works as a priority system. The top-most will be worked on until it can't (either the limit is reached, the job is complete, or materials run out). Then the next one kicks in. Since you can only have a maximum of 5 people per workshop, having 10+ of the same module doesn't really help you in any way, and will likely eat up supplies you need to make things you really don't. It's faster if you just pay attention to your recipes and supplies, and swap jobs when you need to.. rather than having everything make a bunch of every item in the game.

    Granted I suppose you could figure out a limit for each that basically automates you all the way to steam knights, but that'd still lead to a lot of unnecessary stuff being made in the meantime. Also, from that last save you sent it seems like your colonists are juuuust about to starve and are completely miserable.

    You've also got faaar more beds/etc. than the max population limit.

    Remember: happy colonists work more shifts and are less likely to go off for tea. And less modules means less time you have to spend making decor. You may have to manually change what recipe is being worked on more often, but you'll be far more productive in the long run.

    All that said, play how you want :) That's the beauty of these kinds of games. Just know that the pretty crazy level you've taken things to may be a cause of your crashes. I can limit the console output, but at a certain point the engine will just die because it can't handle the amount of stuff going on.
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    Tssss ... **Invocation** intone :

    Per Adonai Eloim, Adonai Jehova, Adonai Sabaoth, Metraton OuAgla Methon, verbum pythonicum mysterium salamandrae, conventussylvorum, antra gnomorum, daemonia Coeli God, Almonsin, Gibor,Jehosua, Evam, Zariathnatmik, Veni, veni, veni !!!
    ( The case of Charles Dexter Ward )

    You have totaly right. But ... ( when someone tell you "But", nothing before was interesting ). But ... i ve have already reach the pop limits and use all the bed. 25 overseers / 105 laborers. / 3 high class
    Question as you suggest, is ... if you get them at time, of course. But ... It's only the 35e day i guess on that one ( ? ). So almost a beguinning.
    About the rest, sometimes its depend about certain achievement in order and their rythm constrained ( work clock ). Like, you don t have flatten enough before, for example. Anyway it s a kind of routine, should be moderate with more subtilities to by pass other obstacles, and totaly not optimized.

    Once we go beyond my own routine, the theorical step by step walkthrough of the game reach the gameplay by default, realize with meticulousness. Make happier some characters but ... for a time only. And it's become a specious argument when some essential acess comes lately.
    It s why i wish to flat the research categories.
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    0.8.2 released! https://github.com/SickBoySB/cecommpatch/releases/latest
    • FIX: UI - Colonist job progress bar shows snippet of another image
    • FIX: UI - Trade office building icon broken (by 0.8.1)
    • FIX: UI - Housing menu "demolish building" icon inconsistently sized
    • CHANGE: UI - Assignments button and container spruced up
    • CHANGE: UI - New border for most windows
    • CHANGE: UI - New scrollbar
    • CHANGE: UI - New small workcrew backgrounds with workshop-related image to lower confusion
    • CHANGE: UI - House "zoom to house" button hidden since it isn't working
    Unfortunately today wasn't very lucky. I spent most of it trying to hunt down bugs/etc. that turned out to be hardcoded. They aren't big problems, but I was really hoping to fix them just for the sake of completeness. Oh well, can't always have joy.

    The UI changes are part of an ongoing overhaul to make the UI feel more complete. My goal is to try and use the launcher screen as a guide for the theme, but some liberties will be taken where they seem to fit. There is also the chance that some areas just won't be able to be changed (or changed in the way I'd like) because of hardcoded limitations. I think I should be able to work around them fairly well, but some aspects will just have to remain less-than-ideal. Input is welcome... I'm just going with my gut for now and may change things later.

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    Looks amazing.

    Could you list the bugs that are hardcoded? It was very interesting to read that the Disturbance counter is hardcoded; I would never have guessed that.

    Would it be possible to add a confirmation step to demolishing a building?

    Incredible work as always.
  16. EsBee

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    I *might* be able to add a confirmation for destroying buildings. Not sure how that is handled or whether I can hook into the UI that deals with pop-ups (like when swapping to a different foreign office focus), but I'll definitely look into it. Adding it to the list :)

    Some of the bugs that are hardcoded may not actually be. I just couldn't find the code for the life of me. There's always a chance that it's hidden in some obscure file (like research tree stuff was), but I searched for hours and didn't find anything. Here's some of the seemingly hardcoded stuff that I can't touch:

    - Ground/stockpile items having a different order of category tags displayed. The tags defined in edb files are shunted over to the hardcoded userdata in item creation, and no amount of tinkering beforehand seemed to make any difference. There's still a chance I can figure out some ultra convoluted manual way to do it, but yeah... may not even be worth the effort unless I'm *really* bored some day haha.

    - Items on the ground/stockpiles not having tags at all after loading a save. I think the tags just aren't part of the save (since they're applied per-item at creation, that'd take up a helluva lot of room). This is actually a weird one because tags drive crafting, so I don't understand how the game even works after loading a save... but maybe it's just the visual aspect getting screwy.

    - The foreign office jobs showing as "Work in" instead of "Work in Foreign Office" in the jobs list. Yet another that I feel like shouldn't be hardcoded, but couldn't find the relevant code. The actual job text itself isn't hardcoded, just the "category".

    - Text of completed job alerts. I don't think they're technically hardcoded, but I'd have to change the name in soooo many places that it just isn't worth doing since for some reason it uses the actual job name, rather than the display_name.

    - Certain menus having a giant invisible box that you can't click through until you close that window. The prime example is the factions menu. If you open it and try to click beneath it, you'll notice your clicks don't register. This is actually why the jobs list is so freakin huge... it's expanding to the entire size of the invisible box. I *think* the invisible box is a hardcoded dynamically-scaled UI element (everything else doesn't scale with screen size) to prevent stuff going off the screen at low resolutions.

    - The alert window being hidden after swapping saves. I think this is because scrollbar elements aren't initialized until that section is actively called.

    - Disturbance calculations themselves (I think?). There are only TWO references I can find to them... one in the game initialization stuff to set them to 0, and the other in the event director's "do they have the 'disturbance funds' to get XYZ event" code.

    - The "Assignments: x/x" text. The *entire* text is sent to the UI each time, not just the numbers. It's the same as the disturbance points... yet provisions only sends the numbers. Definitely a weird one.

    And a ton of other UI-related stuff. I'm actually in the process of reskinning every menu and while I have a fair amount of control, a *lot* of it is untouchable. It's all really inconsistent, no doubt due to development stopping midway between swapping to a new system.
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  17. Samut

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    WRT Disturbance calculations, I might have something.

    Check out this post - it lists some files related to Disturbance, including the nightly incrementing (if I was reading it right).

    This was back during Beta 53, so it may have changed. I hope that helps.
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  18. EsBee

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    Oh for the love of... it never occurred to me that the references to ArcPoints in frameupdate.lua was, in fact, disturbance points.
    Thank you!

    So disturbance points calculations aren't hardcoded... though it does still seem that the text itself is.
  19. EsBee

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    Next patch is going to take a few days (I have family in town this weekend), but here's some progress on the UI reskinning:


    Some of the UI stuff I have to kind of shoehorn in because I can't directly change it. The Rally Squad button is a prime example... I can't remove the text and I can't resize the image... but I was able to move it and add a border. I actually kind of like how it turned out, even if it wasn't what I was originally intending.

    These menus (the Barracks and House menus) are basically done. That's not to say I won't do further changes later, but for my first major pass this is the style I'm going for. Pretty much all of the menus will be setup this way, though some of that will just depend on what kinds of unique elements they use.

    I'm open to feedback on this admittedly drastic change. My hope is to get more in line with the launcher screen's interface (I'm using that as a kind of style guide), condense/remove/rework redundant or confusing information, standardize the layouts and styling, and just generally add some spice to the interface where I can. I actually have FAAAAR more control over the UI than I originally thought, but it's still pretty quirky.

    At some point I'll retry doing font changes, but it's a really tricky situation that may never have a good solution. At the very least I should be able to add in some new font usage in very select areas.
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    @EsBee keep up the good work! I haven't had a chance to run the game with the updated patch but I love reading on how all of these things are being fixed. Hopefully we get a comple game soon enough, even if nothing else in implemented :)