Cataclysm DDA (free roguelike)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by youtoo, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. youtoo

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    Zombie Survival Roguelike. 100% free and open source. So far over 100 people have contributed code.
    Had a successfull Kickstarter and hired a full time Dev to add more features (guy is working for below entry level software developer wages)

    All contributions welcome. Full time dev is working on a mod framework. right now the mods get merged into the main branch (we use github). See mod forum and work with Devs to add your code.

    All suggestions encouraged. Its where we get ideas. Most ideas come from the community. The devs are working on implementing something called 'jsons' to make it easier for non-programmers to add features such as new EQ. monsters, traits, etc...

    -- new features are added regularly. Experimental release is updated a few times a week (often buggy, so start with stable release)
    -- more than just zombies. lots of sci-fi elements
    -- unique location based damage and encumbrance system. not seen in other games
    -- no levels. all skill and stat based. unique system for training skills
    -- extensive crafting system. virtually every item can be deconstructed and built
    -- can build your own car and shelter
    -- sandbox game. goal is basically 'dont die'.
    -- can increase spawns to 50x normal to make the game 'harder'
    -- seasons, weather, effects, hot/cold, must eat and drink or die.
    -- its hard. you will die. alot. if it gets easy. increase the spawns. then die.
    -- can destroy or burn down anything including whole towns
    -- lots of types of zombies so not just generic stuff. lots of mobs beyond zombies
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  2. Alistaire

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    Playing it frequently. Awesome game!

    I'd make a tileset for it if I had the time, cause I find the current tilesets quite... bad.
    Just ASCII is liveable too, tho.
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  3. Kazeto

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    Hmm, a rogue-like with traits and such and centred on "survival" rather than "delving"...

    It sort of reminds me of DoomRL. And that in itself means I'll try since the other game I enjoyed.
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  4. youtoo

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    there are several tilesets now.
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  5. Darkmere

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    Oh, had to stop by to say that I play this, mostly enjoy it, and highly recommend it. Beware the deadly moose.
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  6. Chiko

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    It's pretty good. I used to play it all the time a while ago. I'm waiting for the latest patch to be stable to start modding it again. :3
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  7. Darkmere

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    There was a stable release a couple days ago I think, with a handful of odd issues on windows builds regarding the construction menu (clearing out broken glass crashed the game). I haven't had the chance to play it yet, so I'm not 100% certain those have been fixed.
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  8. jadkni

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    Aw yes. Cataclysm is fantastic, though I never got very deep into it. Other expenditures of free time and whatnot. Kinda reminds me of Caves of Qud, except... well, still being actively developed. :(
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