Cataclysm: A post-apocalyptic roguelike

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by GrossorMD, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Cataclysm is a survival(1) roguelike which takes place in a New England wrecked by some indefinite2 apocalyptic event. It doesn't have any graphics (for now), but it's already quite playable, It's quite addictive, once you get into it, and in a very active development, so new stuff is added constantly, and features are tweaked.

    You can find the instructions to install the game here:

    *1 aka: on the lines of unreal world: the primary objective is not to go down into a particular dungeon and kill the Final Boss of the internet, but to explore the world and keep on breathing, by gathering food, crafting weapons, etc...

    *2 Indefinite as of now. It's shaping itself as a kitchen sink which mixes Lovecraft, Half Life, and several B movie plots (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Triffids, Humanity in Peril), with some Deus Ex thrown in for good measure.
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    This looks pretty cool! The forum looks active so I wonder why I hadn't heard of it before. Since you said no graphics (yet) there ARE plans for a tileset, right? I'm one of those noobs that can't handle the awesome that is ASCII.
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    there were some tileset mod projects, but tbh I've not followed them too closely. I've been playing df for years, and I stopped seeing the ascii long ago.
    There IS a thread in the mod forums about that, so you might want to ask there first
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    I downloaded it, but haven't loaded it up yet. Looks promising though. Definitely going to point my brother toward it, as this is right up his alley.

    I too have a hard time with ASCII, but that is mostly because I am red/green colorblind. Lucky for me, the awesome DF community supplied some colorblind friendly colors on the wiki. Made a huge difference in playability. :)
  5. GrossorMD

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    There has been a new release, with some additions, among them the first tentative NPC (as opposed to just monsters), if anyone is interested
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    this game is great i really like it, sadly it shutdown on me when i was playing it and i got a house by a river and next to a forest next to 3 other houses and not to far from a nerby town, in the house was a .44 magnum with 30 bullets later i found a katana... idk if this is a normal start but with my 15 dex and 14 per it was god-ly lol well anyway it felt like a awesome rouge like with a nice zombie mix, the other 3 times i played i would go into a house to scavenge but forget that i broke the window to get in and 2 sec later zombies are there this game has alot of nice features i really do like it