Can't upload savegames for mod debugging

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    I've tried uploading savegames, but this website won't let me. The folder itself is usually around 10 MB, and a compressed Zip would be at most 6 MB. I've been trying to upload saves so that people can find out what's wrong with them, due to me finding glitches and bugs in mods. I don't know what the upload limit is, but it sure isn't enough for a modded game save.
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    Current attachment size is 2MB. I'll look into possibly raising it but for now I would follow suggestions to use another service like dropbox for larger files.
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    Also, please let me know if you already use dropbox and have no more room. I have plenty of spare room and will gladly host the files if needed.

    Larger attachment size is a win-lose feature. Common users win with bigger filesizes, but spammers do too. So we all lose once the spammers figure it out.

    Also there is a feature in most archival tools to archive to a set size and split into multiple volumes when it would exceed that size.

    For instance 7Zip has this and you can rename a zip extension if it will not let you add it to another archive. (It did not give me any trouble re-archiving a zip when I tried.) See the attached screenshot for an example with the split to volume highlighted. Note that it is asking for a byte count. You can say 2M to save some keystrokes, but since this is MebiBytes rather than MegaBytes, you would be better off specifying 2000000 to be certain the pieces will fit.

    With 7Zip the pieces will be named things like NameofOriginalFile.001 and .002 and so on. Open the first one to open the archive and extract as normal. It will work.
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