Cancelled skillset? Electric Warrior

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  1. ailure

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    I found this in dungeons of dredmor\expansion3\game\skillDB.xml while poking around in the game files, just to get inspiration for possible mods. And it's when I saw this unused skillset:
    <!-- Electric Warrior -->
    <!-- like some kind of magical bard warrior -->
    <skill name="Electric Warrior" id="51" type="warrior" description="For those about to Rock.">
      <art icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png"/>
    <ability name="Electric Warrior" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" startSkill="1">
      <description text="For those about to rock."/>
    <ability name="Axe Smasher" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="0">
      <description text="Rock out with a brutal attack that gets stronger as you get drunker."/>
    <ability name="Power Chord" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="1">
      <description text="You've got the power. Boost your attack power at the expense of your defence."/>
    <ability name="Turn It Up" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="2">
      <description text=""/>
    <ability name="Heavy Metal" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="3">
      <description text="A balls-to-the-wall dashing power attack, fast as a shark."/>
    <ability name="Set the Stage" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="4">
      <description text="Shock and burn your enemies with stage lights and pyrotechnics. You're really good live."/>
    <ability name="Power Ballad" icon="skills/electric_warrior64.png" skill="51" level="5">
      <description text="This heart-wrenching, lighter-waving ballad from the depths of your soul inflicts massive existential damage. It may, however, put some listeners to sleep."/>
    Why wasn't it used? Didn't it work out in internal testing? (Just curious, I love to hear out about what worked and didn't during devolopment ;)) I see it have a (single) skill icon related to it. This is not the first unused element I see within the dredmor files, but this did catch my attention.
  2. Daynab

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    As far as I remember it wasn't particularly filled out and we ran out of time so it didn't make it.
  3. sadron

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    Could it be patched in later?
  4. Movra

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    Boring name too. How about Electric Dragon 80000V?

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  5. Wootah

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    How about TESLANATOR! Make a skill in there about pigeons, maybe with laser eyes.
  6. Chibi

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    Canceled for import because it gave kids seizures. (you win bonus 90's points for getting this)
  7. joe bones

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    Its a reference to the seminal glam rock album by T. Rex!
  8. Giygas

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    "Rock out with a brutal attack that gets stronger as you get drunker."

    BOOOOOOOOOZE! :mana_regen: So if this made it in to CotW I could chug all my absinthe and pan-galactic gargle blasters and blast the snot out of Dred?
  9. Frelus

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    Pokemon Porygon episode with all these funny explosions?
    That would be my guess...