Can I get some help on my build?

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  1. ninthlite

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    Here is my current vampire build, I have been playing for a couple years or so now. I have never beaten this game yet, I'm hoping to get past floor 10 soon... Was hoping to make a really good build to beat dredmor
    Blood Magic
    Battle Geology
    Viking Wizardry
  2. Haldurson

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    Vampirism is not an easy skill to live with unless you create a build around it, and that means taking skills that improve your health regeneration. A heal wouldn't hurt either but health regen is the most important stat for a vampire. So I suggest picking skills from, for example, Master of Arms, Shiield Mastery, Tourism, and/or Demonology. Communism is another good skill to have because of its heal, and it's pretty good for a melee, in spite of some degree of unreliability.

    BTW, what is it that's going on nowadays? A full moon maybe? An impending total Solar ecliipse? This is like the 4th post in the past couple of days between here and Steam where someone has been asking about Vamp builds lol.
  3. ninthlite

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    dont you know?
    btw i switched out beserker for demonology
    and assasination for smithing
    now warlocky for fleshsmithing
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  4. Arron Syaoran

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    Since you're switching out warlocky, and adding not much as far as magic using skills go, might as well get rid of blood magic.