Cabbage Diary

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    ...I suppose if you (willingly) packed up and left for the colonies, you're not exactly a paragon of long term planning to begin with.
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    This is the best.
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    I literally laughed out loud. I'm glad I'm the only person in the Programmer Pit at the moment.
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    Please post this to /r/clockworkempires
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    That's a thing already? Of course it is, who am I kidding XD
  7. Its been a thing for a while, not enough people posting there unfortunately
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    Requesting a cabbage emoticon for the forum.
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    Typical lower-class nonsense. >sniff<
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    Cabbages, like all consumable goods, are best enjoyed fresh and with a flavoring only achieved by allowing it to rest briefly in a dirt plot out-of-doors.
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    Hah, excellent stuff :D .
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    This is literally amazing! I am now tempted to make little cabbage amigurumis...
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    Haha, nice and so true