Burying Bandits

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  1. tojosan

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    Is there a downside to not burying the bandits?
    I've considered leaving them at the edge of town.

    Burying them can be a time waster for my villagers.
  2. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    Ok say you're cool with the fish people.

    You leave corpses lying around either in your colony or the edge...fish people are gonna be fish people and start eating.

    So that triggers another event, if you don't fight the fish monsters your people become unhappy.

    I do feel like the negative to these aspects isn't harsh enough though.... needs more risk of cultists and stuff...
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  3. dbaumgart

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    (It also upsets your colonists to see rotting bodies. And there may be ... other consequences.)
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  4. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    Please wandigo Please wandigo Please wandigo Please wandigo Please wandigo Please wandigo
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  5. Brian West

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    I can only imagine when they get hungry, that's an unfortunate source of easy to get food.