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  1. Thought I'd put this out here.

    After two years of playing this game, I still haven't gotten to floor ten. So that should give you an idea of how valuable my opinion is.

    Mods I use:
    Complete Essential Skills
    Wind Magic
    Jay's Mega Phoneme Mod
    More Dread
    Interior Dreadmorating
    Mo Steampunk
    Horrid Thing
    Blink Mage
    Dungeons of Equestria
    Death by 1000 Taunts
    Roguish Renovation
    Crossbow Overhaul 2
    Mana Mastery
    Steam Powered Squire
    Fax Pax
    More Swords
    More Daggers
    Advanced Craft n' Smelt
    BS Items Mod
    Heart of Fire
    Druid Magic
    Primary Stats Training
    Thaumite Mary
    Deadshot in your head
    Monstrous Megapack
    Deaf Knightism
    Polearms n' Spears
    Kanadian Goalie
    Bard Skill

    As for the builds, I prefer mine generic and/or simple.

    Mod Requirements: Complete Essential Skills, Politician, Fax Pax. More Daggers is recommended.
    Avenging Executioner
    Dastardly Scoundrel
    Wild Card Skill (usually Silver Tongue)

    Mod Requirements: Crossbow Overhaul. Deadshot in your head is recommended.
    Crossbow Gearhead
    Bolt Otaku
    Target Practice
    Deadshot or Perception

    Mod Requirements: Fax Pax. More Swords is recommended.
    Self-Righteous Aspirant
    Shield Bearer
    Master of Arms

    Clockwork Knight:
    Mod Requirements: None. But Advanced Craft n' Smelt is recommended.
    Shield Bearer
    Master of Arms
    Clockwork Knight
    Axes or Polearms or Maces
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    A debacle of diggles
    Advanced Craft'n'Smelt *Shiny Addition*
    Android Rogue
    B.A.C.K.R.O.N.Y.M.: PIXELS
    Barrier Maiden
    BS Items Mod
    Compleat Essential Skills
    Crossbow Overhaul 2
    Deadshot in your head
    Dungeon Life
    Elemental Arrow
    Elvish Reality reborn
    Extra Potions
    Interior Dredmorating
    Mo' Steampunk
    Monstrous Megapack
    More daggers
    More difficult monsters
    More Dred
    Polearms 'n Spears
    Prismatic Bulwark
    Relics of Aresia
    Roguish Renovation
    Swashbucklers Mod
    Sweet, Sweet Swag
    TF2 Mod v1.2
    Ultra Library
    Vaults of Maslech

    Currently I'm trying to survive with this build:

    Clockwork Knight
    Rogue Scientist

    ... I really like crafting.
    One of the past builds I still remember using was:

    Dual Wield
    Master of Arms
    Clockwork Knight
    ... and according to my achievements the seventh skill might have been Paranormal Investigator.

    I might have tried the same build with maces instead of axes too, it seems. Same goes with assassination ... but I don't even remember that one anymore. It has been quite a while since those games.

    Since I don't use any of the skill-mods there are no required mods, but I would recommend using Advanced Craft'n'Smelt to actually get a chance to use so many crafting skills without making too big a challenge out of it.
    Making a challenge out of it is already the responsibility of the two difficulty mods after all.
    Though I don't bother with going Elvish Reality at the moment ... I already learned that I have a hard time surviving the very first diggle if I don't have tremenduous luck with the rolls for my starting items. If I have it takes until the first named monster to destroy me.

    Edit: Death by named fish paladin encounter. Blasted critical hit.
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    1. Aww, no Android Rogue Mod?
    2. Do you have 2 accounts?
  4. Eh, that mod's not terrible. I just don't fully understand how to incorporate a skill that decreases nimbleness into a Rogue or Rogue/Warrior build.

    No, this is my only account here as far as I know.
  5. Arron Syaoran

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    Android Rogue Skill is not supposed to decrease nimbleness. It's supposed to decrease block chance while increasing dodge.
    Also, Liquid Metal is kinda the opposite: More Block, less nimble.
    Liquid Metal(Pure Warrior) wasn't meant to be played in a build with Android Rogue(Pure Rogue/Rogue Combo Mix)
  6. Oh. I see.

    I'll take another look at it then.