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  1. Zzinged

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    Oh noes! I too have been hit by the random save game corruption. I died so I went to reload and now trying to reload that game makes DoD crash.
  2. DFrost

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    I've encountered the infinite EXP glitch with picking up traps. It's a pretty big immersion killer for me, knowing that there is a way to get a free ride in leveling, especially when you are in a difficult situation. That goes for any of these infinite EXP bugs/glitches in the game, flush them out and squash them!

    Also, the Crossbow Tutorial doesn't end properly sometimes because it's possible to skip ahead of the text by placing the crossbow bolts directly into your toolbar instead of your backpack, at least that's what caused it for me. By doing this, the tutorial text doesn't trigger properly.
  3. IanExMachina

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    I've had this game since yesterday, no terrible bugs.
    Just the re-picking up of traps, and the unable to right click an item after using the wand recharge skill from the Archaeology line
  4. I think Golemancy's pets (probably applies to all pets in the game as well) need a LOT of work. The two pets, animate mustache and the mortal machine, both have some really bad pathing around small winding tunnels or water way terrain. If a monster is on the other side of the waterway he will try to get to him and just stay in place even though he cannot get to the monster as seen in this picture:

    They also get stuck on one block objects and won't go around unless you come and get them as seen in this picture:

    They will constantly lock onto monsters that cannot be reached. Pet ignores lil batty while locked onto a monster he cannot get to:

    If the pet gets surrounded trying to go after the monster he cannot reach he will just die and not defend himself since he cannot get to his target. They should attack anything that is on them instead of just trying to attack or go after one that it cannot get to.
  5. Noven

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    I guess that's not quite a bug, and I myself haven't found any :D However, I do have to agree with Shatner on that, about the pets/summons, whatever you may call them lol
  6. Zzinged

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    Looks like the patch is live! Downloading 85(!)MB of patch right now.
  7. skeena

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    The game has crashed a few times during the level transition since the patch.
  8. BruisedOoze

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    Not sure if it's a bug or feature, but consumed wands seem to be able to be sold for what appears to be the full sale price. The wand skill that reduces entropy doesn't seem to fix these so I found it odd that the used wand still sells for so high.
  9. IanExMachina

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    When you put a stack of Lutefisk into the golden (hadradic?) lutefisk cube, the stack disappears from your inventory but only 1 lutefisk gets added to the stack in the cube.
  10. Nikagor

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    When you use the "autofill" option of the Ingot melter and you click the button again your materials vanish and new one are taken from your inventory, happend to me with omelets, Iron Axes and ignots, so its a probably bug.
  11. Valygar

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    Game crashed, I wasn't doing anything exciting, just walking in the level 3 dungeon. Please make the saves dissapear when your char dies, not before, at least when this persists.
  12. Noven

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    Not sure if it was intended, but, you can basically use your crafting tools as a bonus space to your inventory. Say, you use autofill, but don't execute the craft and close out. The inventory will safely remain in there, giving you a few extra slots if you stuff any old item away in them.
  13. Scratchy

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    I got the crash unbidden too. Very sad. I was lvl7 and cooking along in the monster zoo when I crashed. Yep. Character is gone.
    Please fix because I'm loving this game.
  14. Rabidkiwi143

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    I had a diggle spawn inside of a wall here is a screencapture. Thank you for the great game. http://imgur.com/fTXYN
  15. Brinstil

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    I also have a save that crashes the game when I attempt to load it. Sadface.
  16. Tekvorian

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    After a while, the game started switching music everytime I killed a monster. It wasn't like this before today's patch.
  17. Odditee

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    Managed to generate a nice repeatable error. I'm running on a toshiba laptop and found the sound too quiet. I pressed the + on the functions and managed to speed the game up. Sadly pressing - didn't slow it down.
  18. Khaos4wood

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    Just crashed after completing the tutorial where you make bolts with the tinker skill. No warnings, no error, no nothing.
  19. Skyblade799

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    1: When going through the second floor, special enemies can sometimes be the Loch ness monster things, except they don't spawn in water.... so they can't move around.
    2: Aren't the octos supposed to have a ranged attack?
    3: Mini-Fridges and Grills NEVER have anything. Plus, when I leave the area, they re-close themselves :/
  20. MisterS42

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    The quest "Summon Lord Dredmor's 49th cohort, the Portent of Corn by using Pakunag, the Miscalibrated Ore on the Eyeball Shrine, and defeat them! [Level 1]" is broken. Used the artifact and summoned the blobbys, but no completion message. :(