Windows Vista/7 64-bit Bug - The Mighty Auger skill is OP

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nick, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Nick

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    This is 2nd part of my thread, where I explain why this skill is OP, but now I've discovered even more imba technique, which should be fixed imo.

    For example, you can destroy walls of shops by 1 tile and pick up all items, which were touching walls before(in other words, you are picking up stuff from non-shop area), but be careful, if you enter area of shop(any shop on that level), you will trigger thief script and Brax will attack you.

    Basically, with that skill you can get free items from shops, which were near walls before. Why it's imba? Because you can get top tier stuff for free in that way + without pursue.

    EDIT: You can also switch items in shops btw which is more imba.
    EDIT2: You can also drop all stealed from the shops outside of the area of the shop, then you can basically enter shop area without pursue script and steal unlimited times, which means you can steal the whole shop[!]
    EDIT3: I am showing these exploits right now live at my stream, I will post here VOD(video proof) later when I finish streaming.

  2. Nick

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    Video proof from my stream (it's in russian).
    I am showing how I created back exit inside shop and stole 30:dmg_slashing: sword with switch of items. I will remind, with that technique, you can steal whole shop for free without triggering pursue script. Just don't forget to drop all stoled items when you enter shop zone in that floor.
  3. myAces

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    This is more of a problem with Theft detection, than with the skill being OP.
  4. BadBeat

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    Yeah, there's quite a few ways to knock down walls. Someone posted this idea in your other thread about this, so I'll just mention it here too. Making the walls of shops unbreakable would be the best and simplest fix.
  5. Daynab

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    I filed this (stealing from shops exploit in general) so we'll see what happens. Thanks for reporting!