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  1. Stay out of melee with even more zeal then a usual wizard? :p Backtrack to one of Brax's shop to sell things while they wear off? Potions of Purity? The Cure (that may not work so well anymore though? I forget if it removes one buff from a stack or the whole stack) Supplement Deathly Hex with spells that don't debuff you? Use the higher level spells that tend to give you more monster killing per cast?

    Really there's a lot of ways to offset that, and half of that consists of "Don't get your stack to 30" (Keep in mind to get a stack that high you'd need to be casting the spell almost once every three turns on average, with no down time.)
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    Why wait two turns? ;) I've had enough stacks of this to put me down to 8 health before. It can be rather unpleasant. Long story short: Neconomeconomics is not for the faint of heart. Dark pacts with terrible unknown forces come at a price. Typically blood. They really dig blood for some reason.
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    Had this strange bug twice now: Just opened up a monster zoo, killed a few things and then the game will never get around to my turn. The game looks like it's running fine but I can't access menus or perform any actions. Mousing over buttons highlights them but nothing works.

    Seems to happen when a monster with a charge attack (The rutabaga and treant) dies while charging without connecting, normally by running through some AOE or something. I am forced to alt+tab and close the process which basically ends that character. Very annoying way to lose a character.
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    So... I began a new game and reached a poket dimension, but then when I entered the PD it was just a "plain" PD, not an Wizardlands PD. I'm Trying to reach a PD again to see if it is constant or just an one time bug.
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    The pocket dimension is accessed via wizard keys. The wizardlands are accessed through the pocket dimension via the Portal to Distant Dimensions.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "plain" PD, but if you stepped on a mysterious portal, know that those are their own thing, and never lead into wizard lands.
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    I'm sorry, I think I wasn't been clear enough.

    Now with the CotWL expansion, even if you don't own the expansion you have acess to Pocket Dimensions (even on old saves!), but that PD is "plain", plain because you don't have the machine to change the background, nor the portal to distant dimensions and not even the braziers.

    The strange bug that I pointed is that I got the plain PD on a new game with the expansion.

    Well, I'm going on another run, when I find another PD, I update here if the bug persisted.

    Ah yes! I'm using the Test Hotfix 10.

    EDIT: Just Found another PD, was just a one time Bug. Everything is normal now.
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    Our website's little search bar didn't turn up anything for me so I won't worry about asking this question before reading the thread.

    Has anyone else been having a problem with The Baron and a fueled by booze effect? At first I just thought it was a spell but after I fought that boss on floor 2, ever since, every time an enemy casts hits me with something, be it melee or spell, I randomly get this fueled by booze effect for 4 turns. This was something the Baron kept doing to me as ostensibly a spell, but now I'm not sure?

    It may or may not be tied in with something else though. In a previous save file Egyptian magic would occassionally give me something called the Test of Time, but now everytime I'm using egyptian magic I get Ruin of Time instead when casting Sandstorm. Not sure what is going on with that, either I don't understand the skilltree or I'm experiencing some other difficulty that might be tied together.
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    Are you wearing The Baron's hat? That randomly fuels you with booze. Not sure how that would be a problem though.
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    Using hotfix 10c and I figured out the problem - the amber ring of undying time intermittently crashes the game (I think whenever the effect is supposed to trigger)
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    Oh gosh seriously, items can do that stuff now :O That's incredible! I have all the more reason to adore that hat until the end of time. Thanks man.
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    In my current game, on level 3, getting CTD everytime I try to enter the pocket dimension. I have the Steam version, so I'm not using any hotfixes atm.