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Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by ploki122, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. kotleta

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    sometimes when i kill monster , its image looks like he is alive but without animation (dont see this before expansion)
  2. kotleta

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    In wizadland Superevil-clones can walking on water and lava ( like a flying unit)
  3. CueZero

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    Not much of a bug but something I'm having alot of trouble with and can't figure out. I remember there being a 'Larger UI' option or something to that extent which made playing on a 1080p monitor much more bearable, but now that I installed the new expansion I can't seem to find it anywhere and everything is WAY too small to see. Am I missing something?
  4. Nivrax

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    Small icon in the upper right corner of hero portrait and near "X" in inventory screen.
  5. zellking

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    I guess this counts as a wizard land bug, but you get the "Complete a wizard land" achievement for beating one of them blue satanic floor pad areas (the ones that took you to floor 0 before wizard lands came out), guessing because its also floor 0.
  6. kotleta

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    when i use first dagger skill on a monster that stay on teleport platform, and we changes our places , i m not TP.
  7. GoingJuffoWup

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    One serious bug that must be fixed is that the enrustment is seriously broken as of now.

    Even if it just says "Slightly Unstable" the effect still applies all the time, this also applies to everything you do too. This "Slightly Unstable" effect was placed on my crossbow and it for some reason effects both of my daggers (Basicalyl my melee)

    To be honest i'm quite mad really, the only reason i'l never beat this game is because of things like this :( but theres a reason why I'm a all around gamer, because I play many different genres.
  8. Nivrax

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    Are Wizarland levels scaling properly to difficulty? I'm playing on Going Rogue, and after entering one on level 11 (self found code on same playthrough), I was one shotting Megadeaths and two shotting Muscle Diggles with Gog's Pyre (doing ~37dmg x2 per cast). In core dungeon, Megadeaths take three casts to down, and Muscle Diggles about five. Adding save if you would like to test it quickly, the difference is quite staggering (code is 'Mutchuseeomiz')

    The rewards from beating one are quite weak as well. Majority of portals I find ends up with 1-2 star items with single enchantment. While I understand randomness in 'magicalness' (seeing there are lvl12 Artifacts Wizland codes on first floor?), the base items itself should be more up to the dungeon level standard. This is more of suggestion than bug I guess...

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  9. GreyZ0mbie

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    Achievment for unlocking all Communism tree doesnt work. Sad.
  10. kotleta

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    in wizalands found unic artefact- shiv ,at the same time have in inventory 2 Shiv-dagger places in one slot , it staked and ihave 3-simple shiv
  11. Kaorti

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    I'm doing a no permadeath run. I entered the code for a wizardland, then saved. I died to the evil clones in the wizardland. When I attempt to load the save, the game quits to desktop with no error message. I've tried deleting wkeys_all.dat, but that didn't help. I've attached the save.

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  12. Lost about six of my levels. I was Lv. 14 when I saved and quit, and when I came back I was Lv. 8 and back to a previous save. Might be the Mac problem.
  13. kotleta

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    Find Zoo jn a second lvl ,kill a few monsters and get back to first floor, wnen i return for a Zoo zoometer disappeared.
    Is it a bug?
  14. Wolg

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    Not really; the game sees changing floors as wimping out from facing the zoo.
  15. kotleta

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    it must be changed
  16. Kazeto

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  17. kotleta

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    The main reason of my running - need healing or mana restore , but in fact monsters zoo still on the place whatever where i am, and i still need to kill ALL OF THEM.
    And i can run from monters in nearest teleport or simple run before they cant see me -escaping to another floor is same thing .
    (My solution - when you running to another floor zoometer not dissapear but Zoo have Full restore of monsters numbers)
    Why is it now so?
  18. zellking

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    unfortunately, with your solution Kotleta, there would be the problem of pyromancers and other AOE majored classes being able to farm huge amounts of XP quickly. and for your point on healing or mana, unless the stairs led to the room next to the zoo, or directly into the zoo (pretty sure that isn't possible anyway) you could just run away using a teleport/stealth and close a door, then heal or drink or whatever.
    you could also view your need to retreat in such a way as you telling the game your not "worthy" of the zoo item anyway (i have played high mana mage characters, but still >.<)
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  19. kotleta

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    dont think about XP -oops
    I m just trying to say that no reason zoometer dissapearing. (in thinking another solution)
    (for many hours playing run to another floor only once )
  20. TheKirkUnited

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    If you want the reward you have to tough out that zoo. Cowards who run through stairs or off to the wizardlands get NOTHING! This is the just reward of cowards. *sage nod*

    Cowards are also rewarded with continued life. A decent trade off if you ask me.
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