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  1. It's free and fun, it's Brogue.

    I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm enjoying it. The terrain is pretty easy to understand, for ASCII graphics, the items are interesting, varied, and fairly intuitive to use.

    I'm reeeeeally beating myself up about failing hard at my first playthrough. I had THREE STAVES by the 3rd floor. I didn't even try one of them out. I used two scrolls of identify on my OTHER gear instead of learning the exact stats and limitations of my staves. (I didn't know staves were rechargeable though). I haven't had such good luck since - I die on floor 5 to 7 often without having found ANY staves. Oh to try that game again!

    What have your experiences been with it?
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    I adore this game. It's like my dream version of the original Rogue. The only think I really dislike is that there are so few potion types that drinking even one carries a semi-decent chance of having you incinerated, dropped through the floors, or something else. It sort of changes my playstyle, as I've learned to ID potions first and foremost when I have spare ID scrolls.

    My best run was when I had a +4 mace. After that I haven't had any of the same kind of the luck.
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    I really like Brogue. It really has the best ASCII art of any roguelike and is one of the only ones I can tolerate. I haven't played it that much yet though.
  4. I wish there was a way to turn the game's difficulty down by 10 or 20%, instead of or in addition to the existing option to turn difficulty down by 80%. Just a tiny little boost to help me stop dying to jellies and vampire bats, basically. If I die to them, it's usually a close call, and usually after I've already beat several others of their kind - I just happen to be a little lower on HP, staff charges, or something and die unable to outrun the bat / hemmed in by jellies.
    Glad I'm not the only one who somehow finds its ASCII art better than the usual. It's hard to quantify, but it's definitely there somehow.

    Edit; this review does a very good job of describing why i could only stomach nethack for a week or so, but will likely play brogue off and on for quite some time!
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    I agree on the problem of the many command list of Nethack, but the fact you can die by eating a cockatrice egg is what makes it so awesome. Losing is fun ! And losing by falling down the stairs while wielding a cockatrice ( to beat up ennemies into stone statues ) and having your own cockatrice touch you during the fall is just hilariously unepic ( and awesome that the developpers even thought about it ) ! I still laugh at the fact that my strongest hero died of "brainlessness".

    Tried Brogue just yesterday and its very promising. I really dig the ascii art, the overall dungeon layout and the attention to detail.
    Thanks for sharing !
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    I hadn't tried this game before it was posted here either, and so far I'm liking it a lot. Its probably the best looking ascii art roguelike I've played. The water effects and colour use in general is brilliant stuff. Will have to dig deeper into it at some point. Thanks for the recommendation, I would probably have missed this gem otherwise. :)
  7. I would kill to have the eXplore button added to so many other games... Dredmor included.
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    My pet Ogre just learned how to fly... I like this game.
  9. You lucky bastard! I keep getting goblins, ogres, and monkeys that gleefully charge into combat at 20% health! I keep hoping to teach them lifeleech, but I had pretty much given up on pets.
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    Well I'm not very deep in the dungeon yet so I'm sure he's gonna have a stupid death at some point.
    I'm glad they dont seem too stupid though and avoid traps.
  11. I'm still hoping to dominate a jelly one of these days. Imagine your own jelly army, each with their own powers from eating different corpses!

    In other news, if you ever find Brogue too easy, now you can play it in 3d first-person perspective! Get surprised by jackals from behind! Wizzoot!

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    How do I start Brogue in NotEye? It's not listed on the NotEye main menu, but there's a configuration file for it...
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    So I've been trying this again and man, I'm enjoying it a lot. It has just a right amount of roguelike bullshit deaths but the learning curve is rather smooth. Not to mention it's full of good interface design.
  14. I.... don't know, I still haven't tried NotEye yet. I got very frustrated with Brogue when I died with a great character on floor 11. I was sure that build was gonna take me all the way - now I feel like if I play again, I won't wind up with as good of a build so I'll just die even sooner. :( Still really like the way character advancement works in Brogue, though... just wish I could dial down diff by 10 to 25%.
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    No shit ! Z has released the 3d mod for brogue as well ? Man I love this guy :D
    When I was trying Brogue I was actually thinking " I wish he'd make it 3d too".

    I m not sure about character developpement yet, have to play more. Is there more than one way to increase strength ? I feel like beating up stuff never increases your strength which seems illogical.
  16. Stats that I'm aware of:
    HP - increased by experience points / leveling up. rings of regen make your hp pool phenomenally bigger
    Str - increased by drinking potions of strength
    Wis - increased by wearing and upgrading a ring of wisdom. Seems to be a crucial stat for serious, multiple-staff-wielding mages
    Skill specialization - instead of training skills on levelup, your ability to be a good warrior/sneak/mage is dependent on you finding and enchanting appropriate gear; base-level gear is a backup at best
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    Yeah that's what I thought. I dont really like that strength and other's stuff evolution is purely luck based instead of increasing by the character's actions.