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    A feature in the wizardlands at present includes a room with a large acid pool and an island. Teleporting or jumping to the island and breaking the wall in the far corner reveals a sickle-shaped passage which also has, ironically, a communist sickle item. It cost me a hand grenade to find this, but I can craft more. This just in as an FYI for whoever wants it. Already added the info to the spreadsheet. Any other secrets in this form that anyone knows of (besides the inception joke and the wizard duel aftermath)? Thanks also in advance.
  2. Hmm- this may be the same room I ran across yesterday. Maybe not.

    The room I ran across has green goo blocking access to two small areas in the North-West and South-West corners. You need a teleport to reach either. Each had a destructible wall section leading to the same roughly crescent-shaped area to the west. Of interest, it had a Phylactery tucked away in the south corner of the Northmost hidden area (IE, you couldn't see it because it was hidden by the wall).

    I ran into another room just like the first that also had a hidden Phylactery in the same location. That room could just have random potions in the corner, however.
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    Noted for future testing. I've already entered this but more testing is always a good thing (TM.)

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    That room is based on a room from Doom's first level, by the way.
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    I'm guessing in both cases the rooms were on floor 3? On floors 1 and 2 there's a small room with non-recipe bookshelves on the back wall and in the middle of the room. It usually has a chest next to the bookcases. On the leftmost side(where the door is), there's a breakable wall that usually yields a wand. There doesn't seem to be many super secret areas, and I'd like a screenshot of the room you guys are talking about.
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