Brax's shop bug.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Zaperatus, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Zaperatus

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    I've encountered something strange. I walked into Brax's shop and saw a boulder drop trap. I thought nothing of it and picked it up... He thought I was stealing and blocked the door. I thought "Well maybe if I put it back then Brax will back off", nope! He was still blocking the door and I had no kind of "warp" or "jump" skill to get me out, nor did I have anything I could use to kill him. So I'm stuck and I can't kill Brax. I hope this bug can be fixed in the future.
  2. Lacolo

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    I've had the exact same thing happen to me :(
  3. Hallgrim

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    I encountered this problem when I accidentally dropped a trap adjacent to Brax instead of selling it to him. When I picked the trap up (still had it on the cursor), he moved his location and I was stuck.

    I did manage to reset Brax by clicking on him with the trap on my mouse cursor, although he actually charged me the retail price for it instead of buying it from me. When I clicked on him I saw a dialog window I had never seen before, where brax is offering to sell me something with a pair of "yeah" or "nay" buttons, instead of the usual three "buy, don't buy, steal" buttons you see when buying an item normally.

    This was prior to the patch today on July 19th.
  4. cyberiom

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    I'm really sorry to ask your help , but i'm stuck in that shop too and i've done nothing wrong in it sir, i swear ! Believe me ,i was too happy to find what i wanted and be able to pay for once ! and when i tried to go out after i payed him the price ,the salesman just stayed still in the alley and continued asking me to pay 0 gold again and again !

    I tried to go in a corner to leave him in the fog, save and quit and finally re loading, he's still here and will not move. I can't attack him to create a reaction,and talking or selling things doesn't change anything.

    I must admit it's actually my best run since i began to play this game, and i wiil be VERY frustrated to lose it ^^
  5. Haldurson

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    Is it possible that you picked up something in the shop that's literally worth 0? Like a Lutefisk cube? You could also try to sell and buy something back (something really cheap, of course, like a piece of cheese).

    IF there's not currently a fix for this, you COULD always just attack Brax and try to escape down a staircase if you have items/skills to allow you to do that (or you can fight your way to the stairs if you are tough enough). And if you actually have to do that, you may as well just loot everything before you leave (if you are being accused of thievery anyway...).
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