Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nico, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Nico

    Nico Member

    So I love the shopkeeper, makes things quite a bit easier, but maybe it would be a great idea to change it a bit so that if you do ANYTHING that will piss him off it gives you a warning. Three deaths to this man. All after several hours of gameplay. I love the permadeath feature, but misclicking on things like "Potion of Radiance" when I am trying to sell it and then watching hordes of demons demolish me is just sad.
  2. tiptoes

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    Haha, I agree that Brax is pretty deadly, but I kind of like that. I just wonder whether he can be beaten later on in the game - I always liked going back in nethack to slay (or let my pets eat) the shopkeepers.
  3. Lactose

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    Yeah, i just lost a character to this too. Misclicked and hit him.
  4. Aftermath

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    I stand at a diagonal to him, so if it accidentally clicks, I just walk adjacent to him instead of immediately attacking. Might give that a shot.
  5. Nico

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    Yeah I have done the adjacent/walk trick too, but the last death was because I right clicked on a potion on accident which he took offence to.
  6. Snicker

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    Hrm - I never click him, I always lift objects off of pedestals, then put what I want to sell on the pedestal. Never had a problem doing it that way.