[Brain Pickling] Stockpiles !

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    I guess i'm not the only the only one thinking the old All purpose open stockpile is starting to show its limits and makes cracking sounds on the edges. Examples of such issues are for instance present in the Numerical Gastronomy thread.

    Indeed many issues with the game right now is that colonists spend too much time going to and from the stock piles, can just pick whatever they want whenever they want and you have almost no control on what goes in, what goes out, and who can do it.

    So without turning the game into factorio, how can we streamline the stockpile business ?

    My first guess would be to be able to attach stockpiles to workshops and buildings. So that every buildings has dedicated input and output stockpiles as it was originally planned in the Occult Game Design Diagrams of Yore. For some reason it was never actually made that way and unless GLG is currently working on that it would be difficult to radically switch the way everything works now.

    My second guess would be to simply give more UI controls to the current stock piles so the code roughly remain the same but we could simply assign workshops having access to the stockpiles through a dropdown menu and be able to precisely control all the allowed items. And also a class distinction. So that Low class citizen don't go eat the high quality food of the aristocrats

    What you guys think ?