Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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    What do you think? I have yet to buy it, and am overall not too impressed with what I see so far. Although I admit that playing Claptrap does sound entertaining. (Especially since I hear that his ability will likely kill off anyone who plays with him in many situations.)
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    The first two were fun, though both had atrocious inventory management (and some other irritants that I think I already ranted about in the What Games Are You Playing thread). Biggest feature of the new one looks like the lowgrav multijumping, which has the potential to make maneuvering through boss fights matter a bit more than your gear (since previous games had you rely mostly on circle-strafing to cover and grinding good health/shields; being able to double jump over explosions should be a nice change!).

    NSFW preview:

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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I stopped playing BL2 3/4 through and... I think I might be over the series. Which is really weird as someone who likes grindy loot RPGs.
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    This is the problem I had too. I just could not remain focused on it. And the fact that they made more DLC than original game content did not add to my enjoyment. (More by cost, not size of textures/assets.)

    The game seemed to balance more for multiplayer, while I generally consider that to be something I will never touch. So the really hard fights were basically impossible for a single player unless they have a very specific loadout that may take ages to get.
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    I enjoyed, and finished, BL2, but it had some persistant flaws, and I think I'm done with the series as well. (Extremely limited inventory, and the first-to-grab loot system in multiplayer were particularly annoying) Not to mention that it's going to cost $60.00, which feels like a lot to ask nowadays for what looks like more of the same, when I can purchase several games for that amount of money.
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