Blasting Fix for use with DMM

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  1. Here's a mod for use with J-Factor's Dredmor Mod Manager to fix almost all the missing damage from Blasting. All spells and thrown/ammo items are fixed, but bonuses specifically on weapons cannot be fixed in this fashion, as they are hardcoded currently.

    Just like with his, toss it in mods folder, hit apply.
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    And be sure you listen to the advice and don't do what I did, least it cause crashes with existing saves :)

    Warning: Using mods can mess up your save file! Always use the same mods with the same save file.
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    Ooh, this looks like a good thing. The broken blasting damage is one of the more obvoius bugs I've run into and one that's a little frustrating.

    Hopefully this also fixes the Bolts of Mass Destruction; I'm pretty sure that uses blasting damage, it'd be pretty silly if it didnt. I've only fired one of the things so far, but I noticed that it didnt do even CLOSE to the amount of damage it seemed like it should have, given it's ridiculous price and rarity; the Squid Bolts were doing more overall.

    I'll be sure to try this fix out when I go to start my next character.
  4. Mass Destruction uses blasting damage, but does it via a call to Fireball.(Which was one of three spells that had Blasting correct) This is sort of a bad thing, since then it tries to factor your magic power for the actual damage, so for melee classes the bolts are really bad, whereas Squid Bolts have enough base damage they have a better payoff. Both are boosted by magic power though, which again is really unfortunate, and I pray they do as I, and likely others, suggested and allow for a melee scaling coeffecient, and have bolts work off that.
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    The scaling ratio should probably be based on level if it is not a flat value. There is no reason to unnecessarily nerf archers if the bolts are changed to check melee power as opposed to magic power.
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    That seems like a rather strange way for the bolts to work.

    Particularly for a character that does not take magical skills; that means, even if you take Archery and get it far, you're still going to be ineffective at using those particular bolts, when logic states that archery should make you MORE effective.

    I agree with Incendax's solution for this.
  7. Well the melee power bit is something I've been suggesting for a while. It wouldn't be a nerf by any means. Basically it's this: Magic Power is on all mage gear, but Melee Power is on next to nothing, other than the Powered Arm 'ring.' It should be more available on melee gear, and not give an outright +dmg after all the other bonus damages, but be used to scale skills and the damage output of a weapons base stat. (ie: if it's slashing based, more Melee Power boosts it's slashing value) Arrows would fall into the same pool as skills like Dwarven Handshake, getting a proper scaling method to them that doesn't punish you for not having magic, like top tier arrows and Vampirism do.
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    Would you fix this for monsters as well? Currently that is also misspelled so monsters like Lord Dredmor are dealing less melee damage than he should be.
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    @123stw Oh, wonderful, he does blasting damage too? I think the fact he already does enough damage in melee to be only a little less dangerous than an Arch Diggle is not something that needs to turned into making him even stronger than an Arch Diggle.

    If they want to make him powerful, ranged is the way to go.
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    >I think the fact he already does enough damage in melee to be only a little less dangerous than an Arch Diggle is not something that needs to turned into making him even stronger than an Arch Diggle.

    The Boss of the entire game should be stronger than a recurring high level enemy.
    Dredmor shouldn't be outclassed by diggles.
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    As it stands, if he does more damage in ranged, than in melee, it will make sense, and it will allow him to be killed easier than he currently is in melee.
    He has 200 health. I suppose next you think he should also have 10 times that? :(

    Seriously, he doesn't need to be buffed to the point where I won't ever be able to win this game on Elvish Easy
    He is not God (not joking he is a fight) from Dragon Warrior 7...or whatever game he was in, seriously. He is not Lucifer/Satan/Lilith/whatever the big optional boss is from Persona 3.

    He should be outclassed by a Arch Diggles. They are Arch Diggles.
    Very few games have bosses that are harder than people around them.
    I have a hard time getting past floor 7 on to floor 8. I don't want the final boss being that hard in a game where he has no reason to be that hard in.
    I'm not asking for Yu Yevon here, :) but I'm not asking for the Omega Weapon.

    Nerf his melee damage, make him strong at range, weak at close quarters combat, that will make sense.
    But don't make him the strongest thing in the game unless this game has 100 floors, and is called Angband, and you fight the most powerful of all the Gods in the Tolkien universe...:) You know, Morgoth.
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    I can understand where you're coming from on this one... though I personally see this in the opposite way.

    It tends to just bother me if I'm playing through a game, and I get an easy/weak final boss. I get a sense of.... "Wait... that's it? THAT was the endboss I worked all this way for? All he did was die in my general direction! What a ripoff!"

    I mean, if someone is playing on an easier difficulty in a game, that's one thing. Keep the endboss simpler for them.

    Me being the way I am though, I tend to only play on whatever the hardest difficulty is for the game in question... and I definitely prefer the final boss put up a REAL fight. Give me a sense of accomplishment for beating the boss, instead of "Why was that boss even there? That was 5 minutes I cant have back".

    Of course, I'm also used to games that really DO have hard final bosses; I dont play RPGs hardly at all, due to my lack of patience and absolute loathing of cutscenes, though what few I do play tend to have easy, boring endbosses. I'm more used to things like danmaku shmups, where the endboss makes the entire rest of the game look like a total cakewalk.

    Fighting Dredmor on easy obviously shouldnt be too hard... on medium or whatever it's called, he should at least put up SOMETHING of a fight almost... but if I get to him on Going Rogue, he should be a POWERHOUSE; make me have to use tons of careful tactics and half my inventory to finally take him out. He's freaking Lord Dredmor, after all.... all them horrid Arch Diggles and other terrible things must follow him for a reason :p

    Or so I assume, but nobody ever said Arch Diggles were actually very bright, now did they. Maybe he just pays them in large quantities of candy or something.
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    If they're like Prinnies, he can just threaten to throw them. :)
    @Misery "I'm more used to things like danmaku shmups, where the endboss makes the entire rest of the game look like a total cakewalk."
    Your argument is rendered invalid by that, I'm afraid.
    You're using extremely hard bullet Hell games as part of your argument.

    No game deserves to be that hard, unless it's one of those bullet hell games, Sorry.

    If you really think this game requires the final boss to be a Powerhouse and make you use half your inventory, etc, etc, you're playing the wrong game.

    This is not a SMT game, therefor Final Boss should not be over powered. EVER.
    There is no reason for making Lord Dredmor so strong, it literally isn't even funny.

    This is not Prinny Baal and his 200 million health. :)
    Seriously, I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just trying to get you to understand, this is not the type of game where the final boss is supposed to be overpowered as hell. :)

    This is not Omega, a really hard Rogue-like. Okay. One person beat it, and the creator made it harder.
    I honestly don't understand why people want a final boss to be so much stronger than everyone else in the game combined and then cubed.

    I simply don't think you're playing the right game. :) If you want it to be that much harder. You're coming from Advanced Particle Physics and advanced Quantum Entanglement Theory, to First grade math. And expecting it to be a challenge.
  14. Misery

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    Oh, dont get me wrong... I wouldnt want this game as hard as some of the shmups I speak of. I merely used them as an example... I tend to look at it as, why even HAVE a final boss if it's just going to die at me? I guess it just seems like a waste of time to me, is all. A final boss that takes no skill to defeat just seems really pointless. The devs may as well, in that case, just give me a cutscene that shows my character defeating the boss in dramatic fashion, instead of me wasting effort clicking the attack command over and over to kill it.

    I know you dont like overly difficult games, as you've said.... but *I* do. It's just a different viewpoint, is all. One that I perfectly understand is not shared by too many these days (and thus why most retail games bore the heck outta me due to easiness). Which is also why I mentioned that Dredmor should only be particularly difficult on GR difficulty.... a player choosing THAT difficulty SHOULD be getting majorly challenged every step of the way... that's what it's there for.

    And yes, I know you're not trying to pick a fight :p

    As for this "Omega"... I've never heard of it. .....but it sounds like my sort of thing. Now, of course, I must try it! It sounds highly entertaining.
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    @Misery Okay, I do understand your point of view.
    And yeah, it's a different viewpoint.

    But Lord Dredmor on Going Rogue should not be dozens of times harder than he is now. :)
    Maybe 1.5 times.
    Otherwise no one could ever beat this game.

    Also, Going Rogue is based on how Roguelikes are, however, Angband is not as hard as this game on Going Rogue. :)
    A game where dragons can spawn 40 levels out of death and breathe fire on you before you have a time to react, a game where potions of death exist, a game where traps are annoying as hell, etc, etc, etc.

    The difficulty doesn't need epic ramping of bosses. What is Lord Dredmor, Satan from the persona series? Ragu o Ragula?

    Hope you enjoy Omega, you may be the third or forth person to ever beat it. :) Trust me, that's worth contacting the creator of the game in real life and telling him that. :)
    Oh, and it's been out for a very long time. Probably over 14 years by now.
  16. Okay, lotta comments since last I posted. No, this will not fix the blasting part of Dredmor, as that falls under the hardcoded melee damage/enchant grouping I can't change.

    As for Dredmor's difficulty himself, you're both right, and wrong, in my opinion. Ironically you are against boosting his life, but that is actually one of the better ways to increase his challenge at the same time as nerfing his tremendously powerful melee damage. As he is now, his low health pool makes him a cakewalk for ranged classes. One of the more ideal ways to buff him while balancing him would be to normalize his melee damage, boost his ranged, and double or triple his health. That way, ranged classes need to keep him at bay to whittle him down, and melee would need to be ready for a drag out bout in close combat. This of course would require an AI tweaking so he only prefers ranged when not in melee range. As it stands now his 'nastiest' ranged is Arctic Vortex, which is very easy to resist null the damage. Being the final boss, he should be a challenge, just not nearly insurmountable, like he currently is for melee classes.
  17. 123stw

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    How is it hardcoded? It was simply misspelled on the monDB.xml. Just change "blast" to "blasting" and you will start receiving damage (the display on upper left corner still won't show, but your HP will go down properly).
  18. Misery

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    Ooh, good detailed thoughts on Lord Dredmor.

    It sounds like right now, even a melee character wouldnt have too much trouble if they just picked up a crossbow and a pile of bolts somewhere.

    As I understand it though, he is getting more powerful with this next patch. Hopefully.
  19. DavidB1111

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    @OgreSamanosuke I understand you, and I agree.
    I just hope I can fight him when he gets updated. I'm really hoping they don't think he needs more damage.
    He doesn't, in melee anyway. And the frost potions should help with Artic blast, shouldn't they? PLus a helm of Kanada and you end up with 12 freezing resistance.
  20. @123stw
    If you're correct, I'll go back and fix mobs that deal blasting damage if people want me to update this. I experimented before, but since I wasn't doing the exact math, with the text not showing I thought it wasn't working.

    Yeah, a single Hyperborean potion will give you full resist to his Arctic Vortex, it only ticks for like 6. (I may be off, can't remember if I had resist on my armor or not) He should be using stuff that is top tier, not 2nd tier Viking, but stuff like Decursive Curse, that shit would hurt like hell if you didn't save a Zodiac Wand; or throwing Miasmatic Putrefaction at you to irritate you.