[BETA] The Vaults of Maslech

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  1. Nicholas

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    If there is a major selection of save game crashes, I should probably look at those save games. This fix shouldn't have caused that (which is exactly why I want to actually look into it). However, it is very possible that this makes the game more stable with lots of mods.
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  2. FaxCelestis

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    Well, I did comment out a set of traps (the sphinx eye traps), so a save with that existing might--no wait, it wouldn't matter because of how save states are now, so nevermind.
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  3. Vitellozzo

    Vitellozzo Member

    I do think that this problem isn't caused by your mod.
    Why are we discussing here? Because I've discovered it while downloading your mod.

    Anyway, about your mod in general, no crash for first and second floor.
    It's a pleasure to use this mod again.

    If you want I can show you that save (not now since i'm not home).
    Ayway I think the game is in general more stable (I'm crashing less since entering the last beta).
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  4. TJSlipperman

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    Great to see this mod get another update.

    I did notice a bug though, in the Dungeon Delver skill tree...the Unfettered Psychoportation ability code had the old skill ID from the previous version, thus breaking the skill tree. Had to go in and change the ability's SkillID from '212' to '65536' to match the other SkillIDs and fix it in my game.

    Just thought I'd give a heads-up on that.
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  5. pseudoname

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    is delver supposed to skip a slot? theres a blank one in its progression...not sure how that works?
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  6. pseudoname

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    is there a way to install the delver skill mod alone? ive only found it in this pack. if i download the pack is there a way for me to separate bits out manually? or should I just hold off playing that class until I want the dungeon expanded

    also muscle wizard needs to live
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  7. Vitellozzo

    Vitellozzo Member

    I now thinks, thanks to my experience, that the need of mod packs is in fact a performance issue: it seems that too many mods, in fact, corrupt your save game and/or tends to make your game more prone to crashes to desktop.

    Anyway, it is possible to just use a part of a mod you like. To do so, you have to understand a little how mods work.
    You have to save the mod.xml file, the skilldb.xml and the spelldb.xml, and every folder in the zip file just to be sure to not delete something the two dbs could recall and crash the game.
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  8. Kazeto

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    Because maintaining all that clutter would take a lot of effort, and those who have problems with it usually know how to remove the parts they don't want. That's how it starters here, with modders creating mods mostly for other modders, even if now there are many more people who allegedly don't know how to do that thanks to Steam Workshop.

    Do keep in mind that, as Vitellozzo said, too many mods cause weird things to happen to the game, so when you start dividing your mod you need to either stop giving a damn about players and their problems with the game, or give them every possible combination of parts available in addition to singular parts. And if you choose to do the latter—which is the whole point, as had they chosen the former they would not even care to split it into parts—the number of variants you have to take care of increases very quickly and soon reaches truly high values. Split a mod into 2 parts, you have 3 variants to take care of; split it into 3 parts, you now have 7 of them; split it into 4, there are 15; once you reach 8 parts (and this mod would very likely have more than that had it been split to accommodate every player's whim), you have 255 different ones.

    That being said, it really isn't all that hard to fix, you might be able to do it on your own without even much of a hassle. But if not, we can teach you how to do it for as long as you aren't completely incapable of learning.
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  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Delver problems...Muscle Wizard problems...I'm on it. Anything else anyone wants me to look at on Fax's behalf? :)
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  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Super-quick version: I actually validated the XML and found a few errors. Here's the version without those errors. I'll keep looking at other specific stuff in the next few days. :)

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  11. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    Still getting the Muscle Wizard missing graphic issue with this release :*(
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  12. Vitellozzo

    Vitellozzo Member

    Btw I wonder where Fax went. It could be cool to see this in a finished v1.0 version.
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  13. Vitellozzo

    Vitellozzo Member

    Dungeon Delver miss the 4th level, so it became impossible to gain other levels in that skill, even if the game shows me the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th ones.
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  14. Nanimonai

    Nanimonai Member

    I just gave this version a try after experiencing a crash with the 7-8 build from the first post. (crashed when I tried entering the third floor)

    Dungeons of Dredmor didn't even start and gave me this notification:

    Couldn't load PNG file sprites/skills/musclemage/slap32.png. The game will now crash.

    So some art is horrible broken, but when I tried to find png's in the folder skills I only found a subfolder called delver, which also doesn't contain anything of that name. Might this somehow be related to Vitellozzo's problem?
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  15. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Quite possibly, yes.
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  16. Nanimonai

    Nanimonai Member

    Well, I think I managed to fix this problem. It seems as if the skill and spell.xml in /mod contained two skilltrees that aren't properly implemented, namely the muscle wizard and brown-nosed pantheist.

    I am no artist, so I did the next best thing and removed everything in those files that pointed towards these two skills, which so far seemingly fixed the issue. Starting and loading the game worked fine. (Didn't prevent me from dying on floor 3 though).

    Here are the modified files in case others are experiencing similar problems.

    Edit: Oh and just to be as clear as possible, I used Essence's VoM betabeta.zip as a baseline for these modifications.

    Edit #2: I ran into another problem. This time it is a trap that caused a crash. Specifically the contaminated footy trap.
    Here, so I think, is the spell that is connected to the trap. After stepping into the trap I manage to walk about 1 or 2 steps before the game crashes, without any error messages.

    <spell name="Contaminated Footy Trap Bite" type="target" > <!-- I am a bad bad man -->
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/fleshbore/fleshbore" frames="7" framerate="100" sfx="blades" />
    <effect type="damage" piercing="10" crushing="10" toxic="5" affectsCaster="1" />
    <effect type="dot" name="Major Poison" amount="5" percent="50" affectsCaster="1" />
    <effect type="trigger" name="Unpleasant Poison" percent="50" affectsCaster="1" />
    <effect type="trigger" name="Vile Poison" percent="50" affectsCaster="1" />
    <effect type="trigger" name="Terrible Poison" percent="50" affectsCaster="1" />
    <effect type="trigger" name="Caught In A Footy Trap!" percent="75" affectsCaster="1" />

    Also here's a screenshot that I think is a bit odd.
    It seems a bit off that the chance is a negative number.
    Is there a way to fix that percentage somehow, or should I just try not to trigger the trap on this floor?

    Would removing the spell help with removing this kind of trap from any further floor?
    I don't have any experience with modding DoD, so I have no idea how traps are handled.

    Edit #3: Just learned that the file itemDB contains the actual traps. A level of 15 explains that low chance of disarming it, but I'm still unsure why the crash happens. I'd guess that one or more of the triggered effects is missing in spells.xml.

    Edit #4: None of the poison effects is defined as a spell. Sounds like the reason for the crash to me, but since that one trap is already spawned I guess removing those triggers won't help in that single case, but hopefully with all the following traps.
    I'll go ahead and remove those poison effects and hope I can report a positive change when I find a newly spawned trap of that kind.

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  17. Nanimonai

    Nanimonai Member

    To increase the visibility of this thread I'll go aheead and make a double post. I just asked around in the mIRC gaslamp channel and was told that removing the effect triggers for those poisons should do the trick.

    Here's the new spellDB.xml

    Edit: But then again I just realised that I should have took a look at the vanilla files and of course the effects are in there. Haven't encountered any of those two specific traps yet, so I can't confirm if I still get a crash.

    After a close inspection of both the vanilla item and spellDB as well as those from VoM I am beginning to assume that the two VoM traps which use spells from the base game might cause a crash because the syntax uses: name="Vile poison" ... instead of: spell="Vile poison". In vanilla name= seems to be solely used to actually name a spell, not trigger it.
    Then again all of the footy traps have the same trigger

    <effect type="trigger" name="Caught In A Footy Trap!" percent="75" affectsCaster="1" />

    which is defined right at the start of the trap section and wasn't any problem as far as I noticed. None of the other footy traps crashed the game ... though I also don't quite remember if I ever saw that effect in the first place.

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  18. Nanimonai

    Nanimonai Member

    ... and now I learned that trying to enter level 5 crashes the game.

    Edit: Trying the same with an unchecked VoM works fine, so it's none of the other mods I have.
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  19. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Yes, some of the content in this mod work worse (read: are less stable) now than it did when it was created, and it wasn't exactly the most stable of things then.
  20. Logodum

    Logodum Member

    I went on a mission, to check how ALL the mods in the forum will work together.Well I spent almost 5 hours exploring with a pretty strong build with no crashes at all, and when I tried to go to the 6 floor, my game crashed with no error log. I tried to reload and enter the floor 3 times, but sadly the same result. Even the debug window wasnt showing any level generation, so I just went to a mysterious portal to feed the hungry beasts. Its really sad that I cant use this mode anymore, but all the other more rooms mods work together perfectly. I hope you will finish the mod, because it has alot of potential and for me, the more content the better.
    -And sorry for bad English
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