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  1. Anonymous

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    To whom it may concern:

    I have taken your loved ones hostage. Do not try to contact them to confirm this, as it would be a bad idea. Just trust me. Also, if THEY contact YOU, that's because I'm letting them so that you'll know they are unharmed. I will only release the hostages upon being given a link to download the Dungeons of Dredmor Beta (hereafter referred to as "the beta"). If my demands are not met within 24 hours then I will begin executing one hostage every 30 seconds until my demands are met. Hopefully you will see the only option is to meet these demands or see your loved ones perish ("see" is used metaphorically in this context as you will not be there and there will not by any sort of video feed.)

    Here is a picture of them so you know I am serious:

    A Friend
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The official Gaslamp Games policy is not to negotiate with MS Paint-wielding terrorists.

    Also, the lack of an e-mail adddress makes it hard to accede to your demands.

    Also, ... since when did we have anonymous posting?
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  3. Anonymous

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    Unless you want your loved ones to suffer I would recommend changing your policy! Also, the correct term is GIMP wielding terrorist.

    Also it's... it's called an account name you.... may have heard of them.
  4. Hunter42

    Hunter42 Member

    If I free the hostages, will I get BETA access :) ?


    SWAT Team gearing up......
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    I see that you are not taking me seriously.

    I have executed one of the hostages. I hope you will take this matter more seriously from now on.
  6. patrick

    patrick Member

    can i get beta
    so i can play dungeons of dredmor it looks so awsome
  7. Plucky

    Plucky Member

    I applaud your drawing skills Anonymous. Very well done.
  8. Otaku Dash

    Otaku Dash Member

    Do what he says!! HE HAS A BOOMERANG!! *horrified face*

    Or... is that a gun? My eyesight is not what it once was...
  9. Plucky

    Plucky Member

    Don't do what he says! It's merely an oddly-shaped croissant and he's trying to share it between everyone. Unfortunately, the first man had a piece and choked on it.
  10. fuzzball

    fuzzball Member

    cant we all just be friends and eat jaffa cakes even though ive never tried one. XD
  11. Diddz

    Diddz Member

    Fuzzball, its like chocolate biscuits with coffee.. i dun like it so much.
  12. leoleez

    leoleez Member

    OMG! What is there to do! Someone help that digital man!
  13. SuperHawksman

    SuperHawksman Member

    Kind off a pointless topic, I don't get that people seriously react to this asking for attention.
  14. Plucky

    Plucky Member

    I believe our plan to make this unrealistic conversation among ourselves a fail as SuperHawksman has not noticed our effort placed within our jokes. Operation failed guys. Let's go home...
  15. SuperHawksman

    SuperHawksman Member

    Sorry for not getting that keeping hostages, even as a joke, is fun. I know what humor is, seriously, but I just don't get the humor of this.
  16. Lucent

    Lucent Member

    uptight much?
  17. GreatNOD

    GreatNOD Member

    <img src=""

    Why is that one hostage smiling?

    ..uh, I mean...

    Don't test him! Can't you see he's serious!?

    But don't worry, I've dealt with things like this before...
    I'll take care of it for you.

    Now, we need to show him a sign of cooperation and good faith so I can get him to release some of the hostages; dangle the carrot so to speak. Give me the download link for Dungeons of Dredmor and I promise to only use it to save your loved ones.