BETA 55: High-alcohol drinks

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    I'm just wondering if high-alcohol drinks had a purpose I'm not aware of since the mood affecting numbers it gives seem odd.

    Low-alcohol drinks: +6 happiness, -3 despair, -5 anger, -3 fear
    High-alcohol drinks: +8 happiness, -2 despair, +10 anger, -5 fear

    I was thinking maybe it was another typo and that high-alcohol drinks were supposed to lower anger, but I wasn't sure if they had some other property/purpose like curing a mood or maybe more intended as a trade good. I suppose it could also be more of a trade-off but it seems a bit too severe at angering citizens to be worth bothering.
  2. In previous versions high-alcohol drinks were needed to make people "forget" the most dramatic events, or to convert someone back from cult tendencies.
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    Oh, I see! Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Be careful, because I'm not the most updated resource of information! :D
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    Also boosts your QoL (food) by +1 rating compared to your basic booze (when drunk in the pub)
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    I hadn't realized that drinking was part of that, good to know.