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  1. I had a similar situation in a game right before this update, so I have to ask: why the strong military presenca the the large graveyard? In my attempt my only problem was wood and lacquer supply, not even an enemy got near the colony. I even triggered the meteor event, but the water kept the malicious alien lifeforms away...

    Anyway, the game seems has surpassed the crash-phase, and it's still doable. So I'm really trying to explore everything: I'm starting to collect some artifacts, accumuling copper, steel and iron, building every machinery, and an upperclass manor will soon make its appearence. Also building things I don't know how to use, like the compressors and the layden jars. To be noticed the double entry in the inventory for one set of items.

    Also I think this may be a bug, but it's quite realistic: I just raised the terrian to flatten it, and the lacquer trees were simply buried, instead of raised with it. Pretty real...

    Really, I would like to have a way to request or train a vicar, because with this late game I still have to get one spiritually inclined overseer...

    By the way, I still can't build the vacuum chamber... not even from the advanced worktable. that table really opens up a lot of opportunity that I'm inclined to explore, I just have to accumulate tons of metals...

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  2. Naffarin

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    The graveyards were needed to take the bodies of two foreign invasions because i could't establish a foreign office in the early stages...

    Flatten terrain has several issues...either at the edge of the map producing crashes, or leaving debris floating in mid air or buried in the ground depending on the previous height of the terrain. I encountered also several locations where the flatten job would never be executed probably due to pathfinding issues leading to blocking of an overseer because he/she would endlessly try to execute the job.
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Naffari: I know about the first two flatten terrain issues, but not the third one. Do you have a save, perchance?
  4. Naffarin

    Naffarin Bureaucrat-Inspector Exemplar of The Empire

    sure, i'll prepare one for the bug. Message in the console for that one is
    [blackboard] Starting gameAgentNeedsJobMessage for agent 46157
    [MISC] Russell Tye: flattening terrain assignment attempting to fulfill: Flatten Terrain
    [Blackboard] evaluating 6 jobs
    [Blackboard] sending job Flatten Terrain
    [blackboard] Agent 46157 gets job Flatten Terrain
    [FSM] FSM: walk_to_adjacent_position
    [FSM] walk_to_adjacent_position: there is no target gOH

    In the save there are three flatten jobs designated, all currently taken by work groups that cancel the job immediately and then retry. Also the pathfinding around the flatten job at the chalk mine behaves really weird...might have something to do with my building planning but i saw that behaviour also in earlier saves with no buildings near that location.

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