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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Major Changes:

    • added lights
    • Naturalist's office overhauled (not quite done): Naturalists can be set to Scout, Hunt, or Survey Minerals. Related: ore vein distribution on map has been redone.
    • colonists with high despair will now cease to work and do despairing things (there are various methods to alleviate this, esp. via Pub and Chapel)
    • upkeep costs significantly reduced, various bugs fixed, and "Advanced Workbench" added which can produce upkeep trunks (and other things) en masse
    Consolidated Changelog for Beta 53B:

    added ability to attach lights to static props (& tool support for this)
    added lights to a number of existing modules
    you can now build lampposts
    added a first pass at game over screen
    the building commands menu is now split into more subcategories
    added Rogue Artist event
    new module: Advanced Workbench; allows creation of upkeep trunks, bricabrac, boxed modules in bulk
    rewrote a number of building descriptions to make their usage clearer
    Naturalists now can be set to various modes including: Scouting, Hunting, Mineral Surveying
    a Scouting Naturalist can see extremely far, modified by naturalism skill
    a Hunting Naturalist will hunt - and will attempt to find game if none is visible (only Naturalists & crew may hunt now)
    a Mineral Surveying Naturalist surveys minerals in a normal way
    animal butchery now returns stacks of meat, like other resource-exploitation jobs
    removed Cot from Barracks
    updated some icons
    more traders won't show up if some traders are already visiting your colony
    requesting traders via Foreign Office requires that no traders be on the map already
    steppe biome now uses lower hill generator
    camera tutorial now mentions that spacebar pauses the game
    booze commodities are now crates when not being drunk
    Booze Vats now required to increase Pub drink stock capacity
    foreigners who die inside your colony will now automatically receive burial
    despairing colonists will cure themselves using Laudanum distributed from the Pub
    balance: added opium to traders
    balance: further upkeep nerfing (deal with it)
    balance: nerfed upkeep costs EVEN MORE
    balance: animal meat output increased
    balance: killing for the first time gives a harsher emotional impact
    balance: colonists with over 50 despair will start freaking out and cease to work until their despair is under 20 (If possible they will avail themselves of pub/chapel services to speed up recovery)
    FIXED: all instances of gathering materials for construction now require that you own said materials
    FIXED: error in controlling skill for Foreign Office work
    FIXED: you can un-designate trade goods and the green outline will disappear
    FIXED: Public House will no longer be stocked with booze you do not own
    FIXED: added additional check during character damage calc due to scripterror after attempt to damage deleted character
    FIXED: logic error in upkeep job creation causes building with exactly 1 upkeep cost to not perform upkeep correctly
    FIXED (53A): scripterror doing QoL string creation after drinking tea
    FIXED: traders will no longer appear w/o trade goods in their hands
    FIXED 53A: House UI wonkiness corrected
    FIXED 53A: upkeep tooltip displays brought in line with actual upkeep values
    FIXED: uncommon scripterror upon shiftchange for unfinished building when left unfinished for a very long time
    FIXED: trade goods now correctly un-designate
    FIXED: tooltip info persists across save/load
    FIXED: an issue where for initial pause tooltips for characters were broken
    FIXED: Work crew panel now displays the name of a workshop/assigned zone if there is one (instead of "No Assignment")
    FIXED: large, complicated race condition
    FIXED: game locks up suspending or closing a job where a job is being cancelled, but the FSM hasn't picked it up yet
    FIXED: weird crash loading save games where you have a beacon with an interactive object with no message receiver, and no I don't know how this happens either but we handle it now
    FIXED: a bug that was preventing colonists from getting memories sometimes
    FIXED: "you need a barracks" warning firing when you already have a barracks
    FIXED: button bug with mines
    FIXED: mine output bug in deeper stratum
    FIXED: infinite new ore veins in mine
    FIXED: weird occasional scripterror when creating something in a workshop
    FIXED: bug in "Stahlmark Smithing Prowess" event where it failed to track how many iron bars you had made
    FIXED: unified name of all the variables for despair
    FIXED: weird one-off script error with pathfinding not aborting correctly
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  2. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    (Fun bugs we found in testing: The Infinite Mine Memory Explosion Ore Table Loop and "oh so that's why upkeep was not being performed at apparently random non-times for apparently no reason".)
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  3. VonKlein

    VonKlein Member

    It seems that skill level is not affecting production speed, the overseer is master lvl but all the work is being done at the speed as if inept.
  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Can you send that save along, please?
  5. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Seriously? hmm wonder what it looks like now...

    Probably a game-changer for upkeep
  6. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    I had to see the game over screen, so I starved a colony to death. Surprisingly hard to accomplish.
    I've been itching to lose for so long.
    Seems like the walls are closing in game is starting to come together.
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  7. tojosan

    tojosan Member

    RE: hunting
    If I understand from the patch notes, Naturalists are the hunters. I still see hunting option on all work parties. Bug?

    RE: naturalist assignments
    I had mine set to mineral search and had a hard time figuring out how to assign him to an area. Better tooltip?
  8. tojosan

    tojosan Member

    Crash. Mac version. See attached.

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  9. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Yeah, I still wonder how it's possible to lose when you have enough housing. Even with mass deaths, your population will replenish fairly rapidly.
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  10. mcnostril

    mcnostril "The First To Crash"

    I feel like there should be an immigration modifier for recent events, which could be communicated in the immigration pop ups.

    I don't think immigration should ever stop, but instead of like 7 labourers you get, say, 1 due to "the threat of the occult" or "there are tales that your colony is a charnel house" or something, and then said modifier goes back to normal over the course of a few disaster-free days, so a deathspin would be slightly harder to correct (although we might miss the part where a wave of immigration brings more people than you can feed which is another source of Fun).
    Actually (dunno if this is actually the case), but it would be interesting if the current state of your colony had a slightly increased % chance of certain traits (so if you keep having disastrous occult events, you end up with a higher percentage of weird, morbid people).
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  11. tojosan

    tojosan Member

    @mcnostril , I like the idea of events bringing certain types of immigrants. Or likewise, impacting existing colonists.
  12. Bluebird

    Bluebird Member

    Bandit raid, all colonists jumped in (got slaughtered) but troops just wandered around chatting. Did not move a muscle to help.
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  13. tojosan

    tojosan Member

    Maybe since they don't spend so much time on maintenance....they are bored?
  14. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    I started 3 colonies today.
    The first had a start location wedged between the map border and the sea. so I quickly discarded it (also, upon starting several of my colonists immediately died to an awoken horror).

    The second had agood start, but the meteor event triggered after a day and my colonists would not do any work as they were galavanting around the map smacking creatures with sticks. I gavew up after a few days of this...

    The third was a good start, and I got a little ways in before all my colonists decided to smack some horrors with sticks and shovels.
    There was only one survivor...
    He was very sad.
    The only reason he survived was due having a ranged weapon, and some luck, since his two soldiers were also killed.

    Alas, we wondered the deserted colony for almost an afternoon before more colonists showed up to help bury the others.
    Life in the colonies is tough.

    That said, I think the frequency of some of these events is a bit too high. There is pretty much one or two a day, which is fine when they are just little harmless things (sunny day, artist, etc), but the hazardous ones are gonna get annoying really fast at this rate.

    Also, script error with the horrors 20160820100455_1.jpg

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  15. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Good call on making naturalists the only hunters. I had a ravenous herd munching on my only cabbage field. No problem, I thought, after em' troops! Oh wait...

    So after building a tiny office I sent my lone naturalist to exterminate them, but there were five and he got overwhelmed and killed. Now we actually have a reason to add workers to the naturalist office!
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  16. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Is assigning a crew to a stockpile meant to make them prioritise hauling to that pile, or to just haul in general?
  17. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    I've killed at least 20 beetles and none have yielded any lacquer. This makes it difficult to progress in a map with no lacquer trees and traders who don't seem to want to bring any.

    Edit: Yeah, it's day 22 and traders have only come once. I think I built the depot sometime around day five. And beetles definitely don't yield lacquer anymore, but sometimes you'll get raw steak (of the red meat variety) for some reason.

    Edit Two: The lampposts are lovely, but they sure seem out of place without roads. ;)
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  18. Noratoxin

    Noratoxin Member

    Yeah, you're right about that. As I said, surprisingly hard to accomplish.
    At first I ran a normal dauntless dare colony. People automatically gather berries and eat forbidden foods, and of course if someone does die then you get a replacement delivery of fresh meat. Starvation is not a threat to life, sometimes causes mood swings.
    I had to cheese it with the single colonist loadout, but I was intent on seeing the game over screen. (Also, does anyone know if that's the only fail state?)

    I'm sure the game over screen will re-frame the game in a way*, so I can't wait to see what's coming. Beta 53, 53a and 53b have really reinforced the skeleton of the game and I'm excited about the direction this seems to be taking.

    * especially to those who complain about difficulty and see the game as nothing more than a SIMS with lovecraftian elements that is set in the Victorian era
  19. gmkchicago

    gmkchicago Member

    Also, I think the maximum possible laboratory points in my 53B games has stayed at 20, irrespective of skill level
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  20. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Fixed: sluggish soldiers (somebody had the morale check logic backwards)
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