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  1. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Overseer assigned to barracks doesn't get option to rally to area

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  2. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Assigning a new overseer to barracks also doesn't change loadouts

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  3. Something is definitely off with new colonists arriving. In the last few games I've played (none went further than around day 10 or 11, I was specifically checking out how long it took me to get "adequately started" in various biomes/conditions/initial decisions), I would get one lone colonist each and every time within 2 days of building the first lower class house (which was generally completed on day 2. but once as late as day 4)...and then no one else ever showed up, for at least as many as 5 days after that. In each of these cases, I only built the one house, and then set about getting the To-Do list completed for it.

    *Edit to clarify: The colonists didn't start showing up after 5 more days, no more ever came at all, that's just how long I continued playing after the initial lone colonist.
  4. mcnostril

    mcnostril "The First To Crash"

    I'm thinking it has something to do with the colonist immigration counter being incorrect. What was your starting loadout?
    I usually use the "Instant Colony" start (7 overseers, 5 labour = 12), and those are the games where the first three houses or so don't seem to do anything.
    I started a new game with the "My First Colony" loadout (7 overseers, 2 labour = 9), and on those games I get a single colonist from that first house instead of 2, no overseer from the first middle class house, and normal immigration from there.

    So if you look at it from earlier versions 52, we'd start at something like 11/7 and would have to build up a house or two to catch up to the maximum cap. That appears to still be the case, but the population counter is not reflecting that, and with the extra overseer introduced in 52E, that first middle class house is also not triggering extra immigration of an overseer. This happens in every game I start, and after those first few houses, immigration continues normally with additional houses (although the building population upgrades are not doing anything on my end other than increase the cap in the counter only).

    It's a little strange that no one else has commented on this since I'm seeing it fairly consistently.
  5. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    For future reference, .zip attach fine (as probably noticed when you upload save files which are zip archives).

    Just how they have the attachment behaviour set up on these forums to allow zip files but not rar.
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  6. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Even if it is working as intended, it's painfully slow. I mean look at all this real estate, the colonist to property ratio is crazy. This is day 49. I only had a handful of deaths long ago.

  7. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    Assuming the shown living quarters is all the colony has, I'd say that number of colonists for what is present to support them seems about right.

    Though the resource and manpower requirements to build all that..... now that's another issue altogether, and partly ties in to the (somewhat) recent overhaul of how production, modules and decor works and the effect that has on pretty much getting any building to the point of including 3 or so fundamental objects inside just so it can do the bare minimum of what the building is meant to do.
  8. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Well, those are high quality living quarters (most are), that support 5 lower class, or 4 middle class colonists each (it's kind of odd that you don't need more beds, but ok). So I have support for about double the amount of population I have now. They do come in on occaision, but it's extremely slow.

    Edit: I take it back, they're not even trickling in anymore. Five days later and still no immigrants.

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  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Some Terrible Fixes have been made; they'll be circulating in patch 52F, tentatively out Friday.
  10. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    This surprises me a bit
  11. @mcnostril - No, I nearly always use the My First Colony loadout.
  12. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Yes, something is indeed off with immigration. This has been fixed for the next patch.
  13. Selly1

    Selly1 Member

    Two saves are attached, one from my old game and one from my new. The screenshot is from my new game, moments after starting the game.

    Sequence of events:
    1) Play game (obviously)
    2) Save game
    3) Quit to main menu without saving
    4) Start new game (without regenerating the world!)


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  14. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    The selenian swarms are an awesome addition to the game, what does bug me is that they don't attack you. I've been facing the slugs and wisps and they just run away keeping your military busy. Its also another thing to note like it has been said previously that its a major problem that the civilians will run around chasing one or two enemies across the map fearlessly and not getting their work done.
  15. wargarurumon

    wargarurumon Member

    yeah i've got a similar problem, started with the standard loadout
  16. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Leveling terrain will also clear terrain, not sure if its intended.
  17. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    20160721195328_1.jpg 20160721194327_1.jpg After cancelling demolish for trade office, game thinks you still demolished trade office and doesn't recognize it when the next set of traders arrives.

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  18. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Prickly pears won't finish the harvest! It goes past the harvesting time! Finding this bug almost cost me my colony lmao.

    *Edit* The 300 number is off, after I secured a good source of food with corn I sent another group to continue harvesting the pricklies, they eventually blossomed and yielded prickly pears. I don't know what to cook with them though.

    Also, when you use the Iron Oven the little flap keeps flapping lol

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  19. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Traders came in and traded brass ingots. They left with all my goods and didn't leave the brass ingots the bastards.

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  20. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    My trusty NCO followed an indestructible meteor-spawned will-o'-the-wisp right into a Obeliskian nest:


    This was awesome. However, the session crashed when I clicked 'zoom to location', crash report in the subforum.
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