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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Fixed for next build!
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    I had traders spawn in at the corner of the map, ready to trade with me. When I looked at their landing zone, I noticed there were several goods piled up on a nearby square, aside from the things already in their arms. What's up with that?

    On an unrelated note: the key to trading successfully in the desert is to find someone who wants to buy sand.


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  3. I got another set of lockers from the Empire in preparation for an invasion and one of them got installed before the enemy came. I discovered that I was able to use that locker, but only after I moused over the appropriate icon in the barracks matrix. This might have also been the case before, in which case a) I obviously didn't look hard enough b) perhaps selectable weapons should be a bit more obvious, like make all available items in color but give the active one a colored border.
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    chuckling at this:
    iron ovens once they go idle, their doors open and close continuously.
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    Error : Reset Ranged Weapon.

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    Thanks; this is an obscure one. Should be fixed for next.
    Fixed as well!
    Yes, that would break it. I recommend not using move module as it does not update properly with the parent building (I'm pretty sure).
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    Aren't modules basically always part of whatever building you place them in initially? Though I have had amusing ideas of making a large room and then having all workshops build/install and then move them over to make a super-compact workplace...
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    Exact same problem and even the goods on the ground look the same. I think it is also can cause problems in commodity counts or available materials.
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