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    If you want to only include video/computer games then, maybe I'd have to say:
    Empire (the original from pre-PC times) -- it's kind of the basis for everything from Civilization and other turn-based strategy games, to many RTS games
    The Fallout series, but primarily 1, 2, and 3
    The Elder Scrolls games, but primarily the last 3 of them (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim
    Master of Orion
    Master of Magic
    Alpha Centauri
    Sword of the Stars (only the first one and its expansions)
    Rogue and a lot of the similar games (lately I've been playing a bit of Brogue). I'll gladly include Dungeons of Dredmor among them.
    Warlords (primarily the first few when it was all turn-based)
    Some of the Ultima games, particularly Ultima 3 (the one that first hooked me), and Ultima Underworld
    City of Heroes (one of the best MMOs ever, soon to go into retirement
    I could probably come up with more, mostly because I really don't know how to rank them. The ones above are simply games that, while I was playing them, I enjoyed them thoroughly, and found them incredibly addictive

    If I were to include other games, then:
    Team Chess
    Civilization and Advanced Civilization (The Avalon Hill games)
    Cosmic Encounter
    Axis and Allies -- I've played in a lot of tournaments -- won a few when I was young, but there are a few seriously good players that frequent the tournaments, so I can't claim to be anything but 'above average'. When I was playing, I could still make it into the finals... sometimes.
    Fortress America -- this game has been out of print for a while now, but, apparently, it's being reissued soon by Fantasy Flight Games. I've played in a lot of tournaments for this game and I've been told that I have a unique (and extremely effective) approach to playing as the Western invader that seems to take opponents by surprise (And causes just soooo much frustration on their part... I love it). I knew I was a decent player, but I didn't realize how unusual my approach was until I started playing in tournaments. I also do decent as the U.S., and as the Eastern invader. Even though I win a lot playing the west, I prefer playing the East, as its more fun (at least for me). I hate playing the South though...
    There's more I could name, that I've liked a lot, but these are the ones that I've played enough to consider favorites.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Arabian Nights
    Kremlin (no longer in print -- old Avalon Hill game -- a humorous take on power struggles in the USSR)
    Spies (no longer in print, old SPI game about spies in pre-WWII Europe)
    Borderlands (no relationship whatsoever to the computer game -- long out of print and lesser known Eon Games board game) :
    Knightmare Chess and other chess variants
    Monopoly (some explanation may be needed for those who don't understant that Monopoly is ONLY a game of luck, if that's how you play it -- I was more into the cutthroat game, where you'd try to create housing shortages, buying and selling options, using "Get out of Jail Free" cards for purposes that the original designers, I have no doubt, did not conceive of, and so on. Even holding to the letter of the official rules, there was a whole lot of leeway that could be exercised in order to turn Monopoly into a true strategy game.
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    Also, this is a spam post :\

    You went and made a super nice post to some dick who signed up just to spam these forums.
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    Fallout 2.

    Dungeon Master 2.

    Borderlands 1 and 2. (And every expansion they made too.)

    Dungeon Crawl. (Not mentioning "Stone Soup" since it is just a new name for the same old game.)

    Nethack. (And Slash'Em since it is just an expanded version of Nethack.)

    I like every RPG in Haldurson's post above, but they are not my favorites.

    And Boo on The Elder Scrolls. Specifically becuase Nicholas hates Bethesda for some reason. (I think he is actually mostly joking, since they got DoD up to a record place, narrowly beaten by Skryim at the time if my memory serves me correctly.)

    I loved the entire Elder Scrolls series. Oddly enough I liked Oblivion the most of all of the series. Skyrim is a bit more polished, but does not have as much appeal for me. Perhaps my expectations continue to rise, or perhaps more of the same is just not appealing.

    I do not see Neverwinter Nights in that list Haldurson... Shame on you! But I hear they are close to releasing the newest game in that line "Neverwinter" sometime soon.

    I also do not see X-Com in that list... Too many games to keep in mind at once I suppose. Of the X-Com series, the only good ones are the first and second. "Ufo Defense" and "Terror From the Deep". The rest sucked badly. But some people say the third was not bad. I never could get it running back when it was new. And it is all but impossible to get DosBox tuned perfectly for it now. It is either a slideshow or a faster than possible blitz of doom due to the sensitivity to CPU usage.

    There are hundreds more games I could add here, but these are the best of the best that I can think of at the moment.
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    Lol. I did not see the spam link either... :(

    I propose that when Daynab comes around, the OP be removed and a new post be placed there so this makes sense... It would be a damned shame to lose all the posts afterwards because that spammer got a reply better than deserved.
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    NWN1 best game of all time by a long shot, and not for it's shitty OC.
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    Let's see...

    X-Com (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown)
    Jagged Alliance 2 (1.13 mod)
    Fallout 2
    Space Rangers 2
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    Best game ever:

    There isn't one. Too many variables, and how do you compare - say - Sonic the Hedgehog with Civilization? Which is better? Neither. But Civ kicks the arse of that blue rat.

    I'd throw my money in with Mirror's Edge, though. Despite the slightly vexing controls, the lost potential and the GODDAMN IT WHERE IS THE SEQUEL aspect, it's a really good game. Did it in one night - something I think I only repeated again with BioShock 2. Seriously.

    And Borderlands sucks. They didn't even try to make a decent PC port.
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    lol, I didn't notice that either. I'll admit that I did think it was unusual that one of his favorite games was Angry Birds, but I figured 'to each his own' lol. Now that I know he's a spammer, I can admit 'what a stupid game' lol. (Of course I had to try it, seeing as how it had become a 'thing').
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    You disliked Borderlands? Really? I thought it was pretty good in reality. It was a time wasting game, where loot grinding could lead to massively potent characters if they spent enough time farming bosses for the best possible gear, but it was fun if you just pay attention to the story and loot and do not care so much for it being a perfect game.

    I have not had one single crash on either the first, nor the second. Not anything at all. But that is a bad port? That term is usually used when the game is a hastily made console port that crashes all the time for no reason.
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    It had FoV issues. Serious issues that Gearbox never fixed.
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    That... Alright. I agree. They did however fix it for Borderlands 2. The in game options menu has the FoV settings right out in the open so you need not bother with third-party tools to do it.
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    Moved the posts to a new, non spam thread.

    For content: probably Bastion, for me.
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    Urgh, hard one. I don't have a favourite game, just some that I like a lot. Many of those are nostalgia tinged I guess, and the rest are fairly new since I'm only gaming since about 3 years :D

    Ecco The Dolphin, beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and a batshit scifi story. And you get to play a dolphin.

    Trackmania Nations (Forever) Free, not as in free to play, but free. Extremely fun and rewarding, seeing your times getting better, trying to beat the other drivers. Very tight handling, awesome, easy to use map editor and a great community.

    Bastion. Beautiful, one of the best soundtracks in gaming and a pretty decent story. Can't play it ever again, for fear of loosing that "wow" moment.

    Half-Life 2. Haven't played 1 yet, since I was waiting for Black Mesa all the time. Story itself is mediocre, but extremely well presented, with lovable characters and a lot of humour. The gameplay is top-notch. It never gets boring and always throws something new at you without being overwhelming, and you never feel that the game is keeping something from you. It was one of the first big games to implement physics in a meaningful game, and the facial animation was way better than any of the time. Still holds up extremely well today.

    Far Cry 2. Better said, this might have been one of the best games ever. A beautiful open world, encounters you can approach however you want, a weather and day/night system that isn't only cosmetic, brushfires... The combat feels good, the wound system gives it some grounding, and the AI is excellent. The story is fairly strong as well, with no black and white. The engine is also gorgeous. However, there is always the nagging feeling as if something is missing. There are no NPCs, only enemies. The malaria system is completely pointless, the missions are all the same. There is also little sense of progress, since you fight the same enemies the entire game. Enemies respawn far too quickly. Lots of stuff like that, but I recommend picking this up in a sale.

    Borderlands is there somewhere too, even though the first was deeply flawed and the second not terribly innovative, but it brought me into FPS and was pretty much the first game I ever finished :)
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    I can't go past Doom 2 for this.

    The story didn't bother trying to get in the way of the carnage, and it remains by far the game I've clocked the most multiplayer time in (exceeding even Diablo 2), thanks to the custom map support.

    Games since have upped the visuals, sound, story, presentation, tactics... but none since has had quite the same impact for me.
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    I remember a game that I loved as a kid.

    Satan's Hollow

    Obligatory link to wiki:'s_Hollow

    I got very good at that game. I played it whenever I could. As fas as best game ever, I don't know but I do remember it very fondly.
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    Best games of all time ?

    Fallout: New Vegas: The combination of completely free sandbox rpg'ing bolstered by incredible community mods have given me a silly amount of hours of just having a damn good time.
    Ancient Domains of Mystery: Far as I'm concerned, best roguelike up to now. Check it out!
    Doom 1/2: Yeah, you're laughing right now, thats cool. Get either of those games off Steam, get a friend or three on, load up some .wads and you still have a FPS that rivals the madness of Borderlands. Its that good.
    Borderlands 2: If I saw this a month ago BL1 would have taken this place. I've waited for BL2 for years and fortunately its a straight upgrade in all respects from the original. FPS and RPG made a baby, it was called Borderlands, then BL got hooked up and spawned BL2. <3
    Master of Magic: Dunno what to say. Its a mix of Master of Orion and Civilization. It doesn't get better, does it ?

    Edit! Read some comments. BL1 had bad flaws, especially on PC. FOV drove me nuts, too. Fortunately I still enjoyed the original enough despite a fairly bad port to try BL2. BL2 is not perfect either. Online connectivity is wonky sometimes, and if you tend to play random games online, ninjalooters will make you consider wrist slitting. We get a total of 27 backpack slots and half of that as bank space, which is a significant downgrade from BL1 for space to store your phat loots. Despite all that, I love it. <3
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    The Bolded part made me LOL. :D

    And ninjalooters should be the ones getting their wrists slit. The lesson learned is: "Do not play BL with asshats. Play with people who will ask if you want this great item or not before they rob you blind."

    I think the bank space will get upgraded in one or more of the DLC expansions they have planned. It did with BL1 if I recall correctly.
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    Out of my little list: Probably Space Rangers 2 for me. (Btw for those who haven't played it but want to get it, get the Reloaded version).

    But there's tons of extra "honourable mentions" that didn't make the list but could have. Such as Elite 2: Frontier, Gothic 1&2, and for clinching the (non-RPG) FPS category for me, probably S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl.
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    I don't know why the loot isn't instanced yet - all the cool kids these days are doing it.
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    Likely because the creators assumed that you wouldn't play with random kids who still don't know the difference between "they're" and "their" and are incapable of anything even close to compassion, but rather with people who know whom you could smack for real for stealing that look when you needed it more.
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