Best enemy/artifact names

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    That's messed up in more ways than you can imagine.

    A half-dozen strange things (TM) that I found yesterday:
    Masuumtwe, The Overlord of Codpieces (oh god why)
    Ergjalla, The Beginning of Canadians (so that's how Canadians came into existence)
    Binnu, The Lord of Lords (move over Jehovah, there's a new kid in town)
    Inak, The Stimulating Breakfast Cereals (oh god why x2)
    The Homoerotic Chamber of Cod (I blame the Lutefisk God for this, his statue was in said room along with a few of his worshippers)
    Bitpor, The Lord of Sex Appeal (WHYYYYYYYYYY)
    This last artifact is a ring which I got off of floor 6's monster zoo.
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    Let's kick off the Wizardlands with some more humo(u)r.

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    Found a mudkip trinket named "Reepusk, the Controversial and Provocative Offering"

    Quite aptly named, it seems.
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    Croseezar, the Brined Waffle :resist_slashing:6 :dmg_piercing:2 :dmg_righteous:10 :dmg_aphyxiative:1 :burliness:2 :resist_crushing:1 :resist_voltaic:1 :mana:1

    Maybe not so funny, but a brined waffle? Ewwwwwww. :eek: hurl
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    The Prisoner of Loins is too powerful for any man! It must be eyeballed to death.

    Prisoner of Loins.png
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  7. I found some cutoffs whose title is The Arcane Canadian! As a Canadian, it made me quite happy.
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    Krompo, the Crab-like Dragon is my favorite that I have found. I really want to know what a crab-like dragon would look like 0_0

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  10. [​IMG]
    Oh the irony. (Read the description)
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    I know it's not a random weapon, but "Orcslayer, Slayer of Orcs" makes me giggle every time.

    And I also once got an Artifact that was deemed "the Eater of Sausage Rolls" or something to that effect. Makes me confused, because I don't think swords usually have mouths...
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    Don't even know what to say about this one.

    So he's a Mechanic then...?

    and also

    First room in the dungeon, too.
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    Laughed myself to death with this guy desided to pay a visit

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    OH MY GOD...
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    Pfft, that's obviously cubic zirconia.
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    My friend's favourite discovery:

    Is this going to be a new ad campaign for lobster restaurants? Cause I don't think that'll turn out too well... XD
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    Okay then, that's kind of gross, but who am I to judge...
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  20. [​IMG]

    Very clever, Gaslamp.
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