Baristacrat: Part Hipster, Part Aristocrat, All Hipster. I... Wait...

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    [Available on Steamworks.]

    What's it like to be a baristacrat? Lord the power of the bean over your enemies while simultaneously philosophizing them to death! Those poor peons won't understand the sheer hipstery power you have at your disposal!

    'Baristacrat' is a rogue skill tree with a couple of buffs (particularly coffee) and debuffs, and just a little bit of damage to round itself out. Plus you get to start off with hipster glasses, you hipster.

    Patched again!: 1) Applied hipster glasses to a number of icons. 2) Liberal Arts Degrees was nerfed AGAIN. Just like in the real world. 3) Liberal Arts Degrees was also fixed, so that you actually need coffee now. Triggerfromlist doesn't play nice with requirebuffontrigger. 4) Made Deny Service much more effective, made it fire less often. 5) Increased Academic Ridicule's power a bit - specifically, it now buffs melee and spell power, too. Separately from the +10 to all stats. Watch out. 6) Coffee doesn't look exactly like sewer brew! And apparently you drink it black.

    PATCHED: 1) No longer requires RotDG. 2) Liberal Arts Degrees was nerfed. Blame engineers. Still good. Still free Charlemagnes. No longer infinite Charles, though, and even coffee'd there's a chance for Academic Ridicule. 3) Danish-spawns should work now. It worked originally, then I changed it, then I didn't test the changes like an idiot.

    Employee Benefits: +1 existential resist
    Upon eating food, create "Coffee" at your feet - a fairly powerful, nimbleness-increasing potion. Occasionally, you'll be able to slip a "Coffee With Bailey's" past your boss, too! Additionally, there's a 15% chance of getting a free Danish whenever you drink booze.

    Liberal Arts Degrees: +1 existential damage and resist
    Use your old undergraduate papers for something: ballistic missiles! But be careful, because the ones you wrote when you were undercaffeinated empower your enemies with the force of Academic Ridicule - a pretty powerful buff! And even then, given how rushed these things are, you might still be the laughing stock... Or you might send them through an existential crisis.

    Ennui Of The Baristacracy: +1 existential damage
    Gain an on-hit buff which spreads ennui to your foes!

    Tip Jar: +1 existential damage and resist
    Gain zorkmid and/or golden tips for stellar service. When you kill an opponent, there's a chance you'll get some zorkmids, and a much lesser chance of nabbing something a bit more tangible (from golden ingots to bling wands to even the very, very rare Holy Hand Grenade).

    Deny Service: +2 existential damage
    When your customers get rowdy, cut them off from coffee and watch their willpower dissolve. What terrible, terrible power you hold.

    Philosopher King Of The Coffeeshop: +3 caddishness
    Blah blah blah blah blah. It's remarkable how a stream of linguistic poppycock can cause people in the middle of a life-or-death fight to question how they live their lives. Oh, and also the existential damage over time? That's nice too.

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    Where do you get these ideas
  3. N490

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    Should I raise my hand if I recognize myself in any of those descriptions?

    I'll have to give this a good try on my next run.
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    As much Coffee as Nicholas and the crew of GLG consumes, I am shocked to realize this is the first time I saw Coffee in the game.

    WTF is up with that? :p

    I like it. Coffee. And this mod. And Coffee. Ever think of Espresso? I have an Espresso machine that I use at least a half dozen times a day to add the essence of life to my bloodstream. (Caffeine)

    Balies Is too sweet for my tastes. But Coffee on the other hand is Ambrosia. Keep up the Coffee love!
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    As kind of a vague request (i.e. me shouting "ooh ooh do this!" at someone else's work), I desperately want to see a reference to Discworld's Klatchian coffee. It's thick, it's black, and it sobers you up so much that drinkers swing around to the other side of sobriety.
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    I've been hoarding them for quite some time. You'll notice I kind of exploded recently? Yeah, before that I was working on my degree. Classes are out now, though, so I've been able to commit to "doing other stuff." As a further bonus, my tabletop gaming groups have disintegrated, so all of my wacky ideas have no real outlet. I've got my writing (which tends to be quite a bit more serious) and... that's about it. No essays to write, no assignments to get together, no essays to write, no literary tomes to scour, no essays to write, and no essays to write. At the same time, I'm used to being VERY productive because of my classes, soooo...

    Anyway, you should see the stuff I've got coming down the pipeline. I've been trying to get some stuff in "Kanadian Goalie" to work for a week, "Deaf Knight" is almost done, etc. etc. As a point of order, what's the 'acceptable' number of skills to have out before one releases a skill compilation? I've got about a dozen planned out, and I imagine some people would like that to be compiled before I get there. Should I start a thread (in the normal-modding section, naturally) right now anyway?

    Yes. You hipster. :)

    I'll probably out myself as a heathen with this, but I don't actually drink coffee. I do everything I can to keep myself away from addictive substances because I have a very addictive personality. Coffee-flavoured sweets are pretty delicious, though. Basically, I don't have the knowledge base to go go more in-depth than I already have.

    Beats me. I don't see an easy way to fit it in there. Putting super-coffee as a rare free-coffee perk might work, but coffee that removes the booze-fuelled buff would probably make people unhappy, too...
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    That sounds fantastic. Looking forward to it.
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    I see a code problem from eyeing through it: You can't use spawn to spawn a danish, you must use spawnitemfromlist. Food can't be spawned with spawn. Also not sure you got your requirebuffonnottrigger right for Essayfication.

    You might also want to add the special="1" flag to some of the items, like the hipster glasses.

    You might also want to note that it requires DotDG. Because you're using an item image from it(tome_rusty.png).

    Also, having looked through it a bit more... it seems quite overpowered. Specifically the undergraduate papers. You're basically making an unlimited source of throwing weapons that proc remember your charlmange. So you double dip with both throwing damage, and the full 1:1 scaling to sagacity of remember your charlmange, with knockback and a pacification cloud. Ok so you have to be coffee powered or it'll buff your opponents, but you basically get unlimited coffee by the skill as well. (Eating even something like lutfisk or grinded cheese will give you coffee).
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  9. TSED

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    Thanks for your feedback! I've updated everything that you mentioned.
  10. Aegho

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    A couple of things from testing it. Infinity/2 = infinity. Yeah it's still infinite throwing weapons. Just not as unbalanced as before.
    The coffee requirement on them don't seem to work, I've gotten charlemange to proc without having the coffee buff up. I suspect that requirebuffontrigger doesn't work on triggerfromlist. You'll need to make another subspell for the triggerfromlist, and have the requirebuffontrigger for the trigger that calls that subspell.
  11. Kaidelong

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    If you want a discworld reference you could throw in a reference to what the Dean does in soul music when he decides that coffee has to be frothy.
  12. Onamar

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    Or Klatchian Coffee, that would be interesting.
  13. Kaidelong

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  14. Bohandas

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    There seems to be a crash associated with Ennui of the Baristacracy (but I'm not 100% sure because I was running some other mods at the same time)
  15. Bohandas

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    The "Coffee" buff really should have some descriptive text, that will force the box listing its effects to widen to the point where the icons for the things it is buffing are visible/readable.