Bamboo is used in Workshops, but not Modules *edit* I am dumb, and was not paying attention

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    I've noticed that bamboo gets used when constructing a workshop, but is not used in the assembly of modules, although the text on Bamboo Poles reads

    "Raw harvested bamboo may be used like logs for any wood-working application."

    Is that deliberate? Maybe it's only supposed to be used in construction? Or perhaps updating every single module to accept bamboo is still coming?

    *edit* After watching my session a bit longer, I noticed that Bamboo Poles are processed into Planks, just like Logs. I was just thrown off by a weird hitch in Plank production, where I had no logs, plenty of Bamboo Poles, but nothing requiring Planks was getting built. I assume my woodworkers were all busy farming or something.
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