Balancing Around Necronomiconomics

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  1. There are already several official skillsets in which you can get necro resit in order to shrug off the negative effects of Necronomicomics. Do we really have to constantly worry, when making our own mods, about giving away necro resist? It seems to come up periodically as something a modder's done "wrong".

    IMO, just because there's an unbalanced skillset in the official game, doesn't mean that modders should have to feel tied into pussyfooting around it.
  2. jadkni

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    Honestly, I don't think building around Necronomiconomics is that big of a deal. That the two sets have synergy isn't the end of the world, and being able to use Necro without fear of killing yourself isn't THAT powerful.
  3. Razarus

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    I concur. Besides, one way or another if someone wants they will make an overpowered build, an overwhelming kick-ass build is what we all strive to achieve so whats the big deal? ;P
    Any way i think the best option is to make a mod with f.e. necro resist and just let player's decide what will they do about it.
    Having resist doesn't compel you to take necronomiconomics just because you have it, there are other skills too :) i personally almost always have one slot automatically blocked cause i have to smack Archeologist, Burglar or Usurper into it ;P
  4. Essence

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    My only caveat would be to say that ample Necro Resist shouldn't come before about the 3rd class level.
  5. Velorien

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    Granted, wizards are more or less broken anyway, but I beg to differ. A build with Necronomiconomics and necro resist can blaze through the first half of the dungeon (Deathly Hex, then Pact of Fleeting Life), kill named monsters at zero risk (Nightmare Curse, then Eldritch Inhabitation) and never ever fear Monster Zoos (Tenebrous Rift). And that's without using any other skills. As long as you can ensure enough mana to pull off all of the above as needed, all other skills are optional (especially once your mana regen is high enough to cast Tenebrous Rift relatively freely, though this is also a great way of killing yourself if you miscast and have no long-range teleport).

    With that said, between the Little Black Book and the tree's own bonuses (counting Mark of Cthon), there's plenty of necro resist to go round even before mods.
  6. J-Factor

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    I wouldn't worry about balancing around Necro given how it's already pretty broken.
    • 'Necrodrain' debuff doesn't work because all %-based mana draining seems to be broken.
    • :resist_nercomatic:4 from the skill itself (that it never used to have) is more than enough to let you spam spells as long as you don't get too crazy with your :magic_power:
    • You can :magic_resist: all the debuffs so Celestial Circle breaks it
  7. Essence

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    Seriously? How did I never catch that? You can get to Necro dominance with a mere 3 levels in Demonology?

  8. J-Factor

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    To be clear, you can resist the self-damaging DOTs. You still get the debuffs that reduce :mana_regen:/:life_regen:/:melee_power:/:magic_power:.


    Just noticed that the devs made a bug with the Necro debuffs (thanks to Dredmorpedia again):
    • Curse of the Mind is meant to reduce :resist_nercomatic: by 1
    • Soul Price is meant to reduce :resist_nercomatic: by 2
    Problem is both are using a <resistances /> tag (like in monDB.xml) instead of the correct <resistbuff /> tag.
  9. Even with immunity to the necro damage and a pure wizard build thanks to atheist monk, I really failed to see the use in necronomiconomics. That stacking HP debuff for deathly hex is painful in and of itself, even if the necro damage doesn't do squat.
  10. Ruigi

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    did you level up the skill?
  11. Not entirely, no. I suppose it could have gotten better.
  12. Lorrelian

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    Only if you count "annihilating entire rooms with two spells" as "getting better".
  13. J-Factor

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    To put things in perspective, Necro's final spell is exactly the same as a Squid Bolt except:
    • You can trigger it in the middle of a zoo (instead of only being able to shoot a bolt at the first few monsters)
    • It does more damage
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  14. Dynamod

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    and you're not limited by ammunition, only mana.
  15. Sniktch

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    Rift=any group of over 3 monsters dies. Period. Add Blood Magic, and it even pays for itself.
  16. Null

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    Don't you mean any group of over 0 monsters dies?
  17. Razarus

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    Don't you mean Necronomiconomics are weak from top to bottom? For me at least i find it that too much enemies have res for its damage.
  18. Null

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    Necro is barely resisted by anything at all, and even things that resist it are still killed.
  19. Razarus

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    Well i never got to last skill but the rest suck :\ That's my opinion, but don't get enticed to it :p
  20. Sniktch

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    I say any group of over 3 because mathematically it's not efficient to Rift every critter even if you're Booze-fuelled, plus the waiting for the AoE to fade is annoying. For singletons, pairs, or even triplets, I find it much more efficient to use other methods. But as soon as that fourth pokes its head out, they all die.

    Razarus: The early spells are not as powerful as the capstones, but they're still DAMN hard to beat; Entropic Bolt is one of the few spells available that can two-shot floor 1 critters and always recoup the cost via level 1 Blood Magic. As long as you have a method to soak the necropain, that spell alone allows you to clear the whole floor with minimal risk, stockpiling skillups for reaching Rift - which you REALLY want to have before the floor 2 Zoo, since it turns it from harrowing to cakewalk. Pact Of Fleeting Life is Vampirism that gives +3 Melee Power, a + to Health, doesn't get nerfed vs. Undead/Constructs/Plants, and doesn't shut off natural regen or the ability to use food. The Mark gives a TON of solid buffs, including Necro resist to make it even easier to not care about the backlash from spells, and the Dire Enervation is Tentacular Wand on steroids - it remains one of the staple tools for killing Dredmor himself. Nightmare Curse is kinda meh, though.