Awesome Diggle Sculpture

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    I have long been a huge fan of this game, and have talked about it many times to my girlfriend, a very talented artist. She made me some super tiny (these are 1/2" tall) clay diggles because she's always crafting and sculpting stuff. I loved them, and when she gave them to me she also said, "Hm - I need to make a dungeon for them or something"...Well, she did.

    I wanted to share these photos with the community because she is awesome. There's also an LED at the top of the jar that can be turned on and off so it's illuminated - it's on in the pics. The cell pics don't do these justice at all, the detail is incredible. I'd like to stress that she's never played this game, she's just listened and watched me play for many years. :)

    -Aaron Diggle 1.JPG Diggle 2.JPG Diggle 3.JPG
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