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  1. rusticdog

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    There is no way to auto-pickup items correct ? It's just my hoarding nature but as I keep items until full, I need to keep the inventory open, plus then click again to place the item in the inventory slot when something gets picked up, then click sort to get it stacked. So that's 3 mouse clicks plus some mouse movement just to pick up an item.

    Maybe if it's workable an auto-pickup option that can be switched in game that also managed auto-sorting/stacking. It would need to give the quick bar priority for when you have the same items placed there instead of holding in the inventory.

    Or I could come to terms with my OCD of picking up everything :)
  2. xfer777

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    Shift click to instantly put an item into a free slot on your belt if available. If no slots are on your belt, it will be put into your inventory. If you already carry an item of the same type and it is stackable, it will be put on your stack.
  3. Chief

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    Hold shit + click on the item you want to pick up.

    Also fight those hoarding instincts, helped me a lot :p
  4. Avialle

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    You dont need to move your mouse too much.. just put the item you want to pick up on your feets (the tile you are standing on) you can also put it on your portrait, but then you have to move the mouse further. Both methods make items stack if they are supposed to.
  5. afterstar

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    1.Select the item and click on your character or portrait, it will put the item in your belt if possible ,otherwise in the inventory.
    2.Shift-click the item.