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    I dabble in quite a few colony builders, from recent standouts like Rimworld and Banished (should really get Prison Architect but the subject matter depresses me too much), to fairly obscure scrappy outsiders like Retro Pixel Castles.

    These are all great games, but I have hundreds more hours logged into Clockwork Empires. I can point to all kinds reasons: frequent updates, impeccable dev support, hilarious writing, addictive emergent gameplay... there's a lot.

    But one thing that always makes me smile is the art and animation. The details are phenomenal - zoom in on a carpentry workbench and you'll see every tool... then watch the carpenter take out a saw and go to work.

    The first time I saw Quag'garoth emerge, I was blown away. It can't be easy to animate all those tentacles.

    It all adds up to a truly visceral experience that isn't really brought up very often and I think deserves a lot of credit.

    So thank you for that. Your work isn't unnoticed!

    Edit: I know not every dev team has the same budget/manpower/experience. Didn't mean to make competitive comparisons, I just wanted to spotlight CE'S cool art. :)
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    Hey, thank you!

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member