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    Hmm... I was thinking about a combo of Warlockery and Egyptian Magic (dem glyph bro)/Viking Wizardry and mix them together in one big build that revolves in using spells but also using puissant touch for hitting enemies in melee range. Any advices? I tried the following build, but I failed miserably

    Viking Wizardry
    Dual Wielding
    Magic Training
    Ley Walker
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    All of these are VERY squishy in the early game - Magic Training helps a bit, but since most of your costs are MP/turn, rather than casting costs, you aren't getting maximum utility. Swap out Magic Training for Blood Magic, and consider losing Fleshsmithing for Communism. 1 point in communism gives you 2 excellent skills, plus great starting weapons.
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    Ok, thanks!
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    I once did a similar build, but with a focus on "let's see how many manadrain-over-time buffs we can slap on this guy and see how quickly he dies" (he actually killed Dredmor, but only the DL10 version) rather than "let's see how magical we can make this guy's boot and kill things with it".

    As Mr_Strange said, you're going to be pretty squishy with all those magic skills (though you do have two warrior skills to offset it slightly, unlike my new and more manaful manadrain-over-time build). I'm noticing a lack of Egyptian Magic in your build; you might want to replace Dual Wielding with it. Unless you're taking Magic Training for Extraplanar Concentration (y'know, to fuel all those buffs without needing to consume all booze and/or hand sanitizer in a 10 mile radius or wearing a ton of different :mana_regen: items and using Thaumaturgic Tap at every opportunity), swap it out for Blood Magic. That way, instead of consuming all booze and/or hand sanitizer in a 10 mile radius, you'll get to consume all life and/or booze and/or hand sanitizer in a 2 mile radius instead. Additionally, Staves isn't terribly useful compared to Wandlore (mage encrusts and wands to get you off the ground) or Smithing (being a warrior skill that grants even more :burliness: than normal and allows you to craft shiny new weapons and the two armored robes; also nice for the 2:trap_level: it provides which is great for the early game). There's also Alchemy, but I took it and never used it (not even for potions or booze) in my run.
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    Now that helped me a ton! I never tried Wandlore, but with me finally making progress (I'm so ashamed of having 100 hours in DoD and never manage to get past the 5th floor ><) I realized how Wands can be later on, and also early on. I'll make sure to try all of your tips the next time I make a new character (hoping that my actual one makes it to floor 15 lol). Anyway, thanks a lot guys! :D