Arechetypes for new skill sets?

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  1. BuzuBuzu

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    Can anyone tell me what character classes do the new skills fall under?

    I'd presume that Piracy would be a Rogue skill, but what of the others?
  2. Velorien

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    Bewilderingly, I think Demonology is actually Rogue as well. At least my last wizard character (Necronomiconomics + Demonology + Blood Magic + Emomancy for that "dabbler in dark arts" feel) had way too many Rogue archetype levels for someone who barely leveled up Archaeology and Burglary.

    (the remaining skill was Viking Wizardry - a little out of theme, but I'd always wanted to try it out, and it gave me decent single-target damage options)
  3. blob

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    I was surprised to see a lot of those were rogues yeah.
    Piracy should be a warrior skill really.
  4. Essence

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    Firmly disagree. Pirates are clearly rogues.

    Dunno why Demonology is Rogue, though, that feels much more like a Wizard skill.
  5. Velorien

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    I think that's debatable. When pirates board a ship, they fight head-on, and generally at close range.

    It does thematically, but in practice three of its seven skills are only good for melee fighters, and only one (Celestial Circle) has any special value for casters. Frankly, even Rogue seems a bit strange in light of that - it seems like a skill of "warriors get magical powers at the cost of their very immortal soul".
  6. blob

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  7. Godwin

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    Pirates should be rogues imo.
    They can shoot. They don't fight in an orderly fashion. They'd backstab like the next thief. Oh yes, they steal lewt, ships, etc.
  8. Velorien

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    I see your pirates, and raise you viking raiders. They could shoot, they didn't fight in an orderly fashion (cf. Berserker), they would totally take advantage of someone being distracted by another opponent (which is what pirate backstabbing involves), and they stole even more than pirates by virtue of having entire villages to raid. Indeed, in some senses viking raiders were pirates. Yet who among us would deny these brave men the warrior archetype?
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  9. blob

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    Haha that s awesome: I had planned to take this exact same example to reply next time about pirates rogue. :D
    So yeah, vikings were acting in a perfectly similar fashion except on land.
    They both do violent, direct confrontations.
  10. Godwin

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    Yup very good point!
    Basically made my argument.

    Vikings are warriors. They outdid the pirates in almost all ways. They didn't go sailing for bounty, they went on long expeditions of raiding and plundering. They're a magnitude bigger and larger and more brutal then most pirates we think of.
    They have axes.
    They're warriors.

    But do you want to compare proud warriors like the Vikings with the slick-talking Johnny Depp? There's a huge difference there. So I still suggest Pirates = Rogues.

    Anyway, it's not that important, since it's all imagination anyway we can bend our fantiasies about 'pirates' to fit the archetype. I just feel that in general, on average, the association between pirate and rogue is sooner made then between pirate and warrior.
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  11. blob

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    ARGH !
    Is... Is that why you see pirates as rogues ? Pirate... of the caribbean... Is NOT a pirate movie !
    *dies of heart failure*

    Well that just gave me an extra reason to dislike this trilogy. *shrugs*
    Sparrow is a humoristic satyre of them, I really hope not everybody sees pirates only like that because of that dumb movie.
    They re usually shown as ferocious, fierce and rude. (That s why sparrow is a parody as he is kindof on an opposite to that.)
  12. Godwin

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    No I don't, but it's a good example of what will still be in the collective mind of quite some people. I actually only saw a part of the first movie.
    I used to read comics about redbeard, and have 'researched' pirates in general. Reading stuff about them. Most pirates were sorry sailors/thieves/scumbags who hoped to get some gold easy or who had to muster simply to avoid the local law. Most never made a name (that's just the captain usually). Quite a lot also started or ended up with doing 'legalized piracy' via a special charter given to them by some king. Basically making them 'sea-guerilla'-mercs.
    But come on... they're loners (well... as a crew). They didn't have a country. That alone makes them less warrior and more rogue.
  13. blob

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    Huhu, yeah I know: Their image has been romanticized a lot and are far from the historical facts, like everything :)
    But oh well, we'll agree to disagree ! (Since I dont see why being alone makes you less warrior. What mattered to me here is simply the approach they have to confrontation.)
    Debating on forums is too painfull :p
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