Are toxic canisters supposed to work like this?

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    So I am playing with my first rogue scientist build and I have worked my way up to the toxic canister. The usage seems to be pretty simple, target an area, toss the canister and watch the carnage. It seems like this works like any mage type AOE spell. In reality however, it seems like the actual area that the toxins get released in is random. Or maybe the canister bounces off targets? If for example I try to lob a canister in the middle of a zoo, sometimes the gas cloud forms directly on me. Sometimes it forms in a room I haven't even opened yet. Sometimes it forms 6 tiles in the opposite direction of where I tossed it.

    Is this normal? It seems like the canister is almost impossible to use reliably. I am using the Roguish Renovation mod (also for the first time) so maybe that is making things weird.
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    As the skill description says, to avoid ricochets don't lob it directly at enemies. ;) Target empty squares with nothing blocking the line of throw for predictable results every time. Picking a spot deep in the middle of a zoo with five monsters in the way, not so predictable.
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    Well, that's what I get for not reading the full skill description then! You would think after years of playing this I would pay more attention sometimes.