Archetype to the MAX

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  1. Mor_is_Less

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    Hey guys, I'm just wondering, what happens if you fill a complete bar of a Heroic Archetype (rogue, warrior or wizard)?
    Anyone who has a character with this who can profide us with an answer?
  2. Incendax

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    I'm honestly not sure, since I always take at least one skill from another class. I've gone 6 Wizard/1 Rogue (just for Archaeology) and 6 Rogue/1Warrior (just for Maces).

    Can anyone read the files and determine if there is actually a benefit to be gained? The most viable build would probably be a Crossbow Rogue.
  3. Incendax

    Incendax Member

    Interesting note! If you create a Pure Rogue character you start with a Stubborness of 0. If you create a Pure Warrior character you start with a Caddishness and Savvy of 0.
  4. GammaPaladin

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    Hmm. I could see pure warrior, or pure mage, but pure rogue would be kind of hard to play, since you'd have to do without any weapon skills ;)
  5. Embolus

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    Archery and Thrown Weapons are both Rogue skills.
  6. Mor_is_Less

    Mor_is_Less Member

    Full wizard is easiest to accomplish, since it has a lot of 6 tier skills and can survive on his own. But im not that far ingame yet, so im curious to know:)
    But it will take longer now since the fireball nerf in 1.03.
    How i miss the days one could obliterate everything with a single mouseclick...