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  1. DoDgirl

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    When you randomize the stats on an item can it:
    A) Change base stats such as on armor that removes / prolongs mana regen
    B) Work without limitation? Like will a 1 star item ever have +X or is it limited by the quality of the item?

    I didn't find the answer anywhere.
  2. Warlock

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    This translation is all wrong randomizes all the stats on a piece of equipment, but only by type. Positives and Negatives do not change. Blasting damage can become aethereal for instance, but the same coin can turn -2 magic power into -2 trap affinity.
    It depends on what stats it has. But it is really a crapshoot for the most part.
  3. Ruigi

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    A) Yes, if you're lucky you can reroll an item till it grants mana regen stats, on my GRPD mage runs i take archaeology specifically to do this.

    B) unfortunately, no. every time you reroll, there is a chance you will lose a positive effect (if your item has +4 to various attributes, there is a chance it'll be reduced to +3 to various attributes) eventually your item will become useless and you'll be "lost in your own museum" if you attempt to retranslate it.
  4. DoDgirl

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    That answers it perfectly! So for instance on a gem encrusted ring the 15 health could turn into 15 ( damage )?
  5. Kazeto

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    Item's original bonus stays the same. But anything above that, yes, it can become anything.
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    Ah... This... I'm happy to know.
  7. DoDgirl

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    Hugely important. You just saved me an hour of testing.
  8. DoDgirl

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    Okay, so the answer to my questions are A) No. The original item's stats stay the same which means that armor with a penalty to mana regen will maintain that penalty, and B) Yes, the stat is randomized, but the value does not go up.
  9. banjo2E

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    A) UNLESS one of the buffs counteracts the innate penalty.

    B) The values of all buffs stay as they are, except one buff is removed.
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    I have a second related question: For jewelry that gives random stats do the stats given rely on the star value / rarity system or are they truly "random"?

    For instance a 1 star item will never have +5 anything.
  11. Ruigi

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    The "stars" on an item will only affect the likelihood that particular item will spawn on a particular level of the dungeon.

    low level items spawn on the higher floors, high level items are weighted towards the deeper floors.

    The lack of many high level items is why you don't see much item variety as you get deeper.
  12. DoDgirl

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    Why thank you kind sir! Now I know (almost) everything I wanted to know!

    There is but one more question ...

    In relation to stats are they direct representations or are they formulaic representations?

    I guess what I mean is when I see +20 on my Counter is it really 20% chance to counter or does it go through some funky formula to decipher the true chance.
  13. Warlock

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    It does what it says on the tin.
  14. Kazeto

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    +20 counter means that your chance to counter is increased by 20 percentage points.

    Most secondary stats only have effects from 0 to 100, and they work in a pretty straightforward manner.
  15. DoDgirl

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    Alright! Now I'm ready! That's what I thought but you never know and I hate to be wrong about things and make whacked out builds. @_@
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    This entire thread should probably be linked to in one of the noob-guide-type threads.
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  17. Copy Pasta an IRC summary for This Translation is all wrong.

    I asked about TTiaW in the IRC, and much discussion was had. I'm posting what I understood to be the mechanics, so others won't need to ask (if correct) or so someone can further explain (if I still don't get it). I didn't ask how corruption influences TTiaW.

    TTiaW calculates an artifacts number of enchants as "power points," has a random chance to subtract an additional 1 from that total, and then re-creates the artifact from scratch.

    If the total number of "power points" is zero or less, the artifact is lost in the museum. The created artifact is always the same base item type.

    The "power points" total is derived from adding the number of positive enchantment points and subtracting the number of negative enchantment points. A +1 Armor Absorbtion counts as 1 positive point, whereas a -3 Necromantic Resist would count as 3 negative points.

    So, if you had a particularly good positive enchant for your character (say +6 Magic Power for a mage) and an unimportant negative (-10 sneak for the mage), it is probably better to not translate at all.​

    A difference I noticed is that the IRC result always wipes out negative stats on a Translate roll (or the artifact is lost in the museum). Warlock said the types of enchants never change. I don't have enough experience to know one way or the other. Could someone clarify?
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    Done! I created a whole new section in the Convenience thread on Features That Are Truly Obscure (I'm sure we'll find more to put in there eventually. In fact, at some point I may go hunting for the debug mode flag thread and link that too. Maybe nukesteamcloud. Which is still the greatest flag ever.)

    I'll probably link this again in the Community Skills Guide when Archaeology comes up...
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  19. OmegaJasam

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    I thought it worked out the positive and negative pools separately, and randomises each.

    IE each artifact tracks it's positive points, negative points and corruption points separately. Museum randomises the first two.

    It also explained why sometimes you would have stats apearing out of no where (You could have an item with +1 suddenly become +2 -1 because previously the points were counting each other out but still existed.)

    There was also if I recall right a condition where if the negative stats were on damage types and there were no positives on the damage type, then end result would be the negative appearing to vanish (but still tracked).
  20. SamuelMarston

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    While we're on the subject of archeology:

    I've heard that Flames of the Heckforge will not remove negative stats from a kronged item. Will TTiaW make it so you can use the Heckforge on an item that was previously kronged?