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    Playing a melee build (so far 6 Warrior & 6 Rogue levels on my character sheet) and I'm getting piddling amounts of XP when sending artefacts to the museum. Lowest XP gain was 48XP for 1 star artefacts and I've jut sent a ring gained from a Monster Zoo with excellent stats (for a mage unfortunately) to the museum with 10 magic power, 2 magic regen and a host of resistances and is a 5 star item. XP gained from this ring? 71XP.

    My build:

    Dual Wield
    Berserker Rage

    Other builds I have had with Archaeology have given better XP gains from sending artefacts to the museum. The only reason I can come up with is that my character has no mage levels on the character sheet.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Kurohito

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    Maybe there's something hidden, but I actually see this skill as a pretty bad one for the beginning of the game.

    My last game I was pure wizard, besides Perception and Archaeology. I spare absolute all artifacts I found in the game and, when I ding on lvl 15, i picked "It belong into a museum". Then, I converted all the artifacts I found.

    With no crafting, I got 44 artifacts at the time. Converting all, they gave me 9538 XP. This is really pathetic, specially if you consider:

    I - To ding to 16, one need 15k of XP.

    II - In order to the skill to worth something, you need gain at least one level of XP with it's ability, since you already wasted one skill point to get it, and you gain nothing besides +1 nimbleness. In that case, it would only worth it if I got more then 15k XP, which did not happened.

    In the end, it's probably a luck thing I guess, but I will never more pick this skill at the beginning (don't like the tree very much to be honest).
    That's all I can help! :)
  3. Arron Syaoran

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    1. At least IBIAM only requires one skill point.
    2. The Experience gained depends on the quality of the artifact. Cursed Kronged items give virtually no exp(since cursings lower exp gain, but still gives quite alot if it has some krong blessings on it). If you IBIAMed a FaxHat, for Example, that would probably ding you from Level 25 to 26 from empty bar to full(because you can no longer gain multiple levels from one source).
    3. If you add the experience gained from trap picking, lock picking(burglary) and IBIAM, you'll have way more experience than you're supposed to according to current dungeon level vs character level. If you combine those 3 skills with the intent to full clear all floors(1-14 Full Clear with all monster zoos), you'll have more potential skill points to spend before you face Dredmor himself.
    4. I usually don't use Archeology anymore cause it's been heavily nerfed to the ground, and is no longer a viable primary skill to choose. If I ever use it again, it would probably be used as a filler skill or random build skill.
    Bonus: I never play killer vegan when I can avoid it, because the inability to directly kill animals without penalty is not worth the decent :resist_righteous::nimbleness::burliness::life_regen: Buffs. Also, you don't get any exp at all unless you use pets(I hate using pets, in all games tbh).