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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Aquaman, Mar 22, 2012.

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    haha, dont apologize, saw an email in my inbox and was like"ohh item makers".

    Sadly I lost code and put this project has been a while...I think i might pick this up again, much better at programming than when i had originally started so I may start from scratch for the sake of reducing code and making it much more organized.

    I'll think of some possible ideas and let you know if I start this up again.
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    Cool stuff. What are these written in btw?
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    I'm glad you like them,they are written in c#.
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    I was going to offer my help if you needed it but I don't know any c# :c
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    Kind of Big Update
    Hello Gaslamp community! It has been a while haha, but here is a small gift to all of you ;)
    Why the Delay?​
    I regrettably lost interest in this project, and became involved in others. Found it hard to come back to this because of my extreme dislike of previous coding practices....I dont want to go into it...but internally this thing was/is a bit of a mess. Its on its way to being fixed though :D
    What was Changed?​
    • Tons of internal optimizations. Code just vastly improved for my own use. still working on my overhaul. I essentially have been re-writing the app around what was already in place.
    • It is smaller! It takes up an insignificantly less amount of space on your hard drive!
    • SAVING and LOADING!! Yeah I know my old version had it...but its a billion times better now :D no joke...its THAT much better haha.
    • Its a ton easier to upload your image now! I even put in an image previewer!
    • General user friendliness improved
    • I broke some things! wait what? Yeah I know...but some of my code was just THAT bad. I had to kill it. I dont think anything noticeable is missing.
    • And...I'm sure I made some more bugs...however...I tried to make sure there are none.
    As issues are brought up I will make a high effort to push out quick patches.

    Similarly I will aim to add content that is requested, however these additions will not take place until I am satisfied with my re-write and current bugs are eliminated. Main purpose of this is to make it easier to add onto what already exists.
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    Looks great! Wand support would be awesome!
  7. Aquaman

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    Daggers and polearms are planned for next update (wands are a bit tricky, Ive been kind of avoiding them for last I have some different ideas of how to implement them)

    Also completed for next patch is direct editing and saving of said edits on the preview screen.
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    Glad to have you back, Aquaman.
  9. Aquaman

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    Been busy these past few days, but changed how things save....again.
    What it SHOULD do is save changes you make in the preview box. I admittedly have not done much testing on this patch. but at a glimpse everything looks to be working.

    Thanks :D
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    I have not exactly been vocal here, But I note your devotion. :upvote: (That is the closest to a thumbs-up sign I can find.)