Appropriating the Dialect of Scholars in the Age of Gaslamps

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    • My favorite Part about 18th/19th century Modes of Speech is that Those August Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of that Age seemed to capitalize every Noun except maybe not Pronouns. It forces my Mental Narrator to slow down and emphasize random Things in a most halting Fashion.
    • Liberally attend to the excellent comics of Wondermark.
    • To be on the safe Side, you will never regret employing tenpence-sized Words or, failing that, choking up your Phrases by mobilizing a vast Legion of Filler Words which stand in for (and completely squeeze out) efficient, shorter Phrases that you could have otherwise used.
    • Play the excellent pleasantly decent Game called Fallen London. I shan't share with you the secret Name of the Spirifer's Pianist, but I shall gladly cut you in on a Share of Whispered Secrets.
    • Channel your Discourse along a pretentious Mode or Manner at all Times.
    Got any other tips for those aspiring to dolly up their words all fancy-like?