Anyone play NEStalgia?

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    Gave the game a try but it runs even slower than a classic NES game. Drama or no drama, it seems pretty unplayable to me and this coming from someone who replayed Dragon Warrior 4 only a couple years ago.
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    I played each of DW1-8. (8 was called "Dragon Quest, but there is no real difference.)

    NEStalgia seems far more grindy than DW2-6. 7 was more grindy than this thanks to the job system allowing you to grind everyone to have all skills except the Hero skills. 8 I never finished, so I cannot say.

    7 was still my favorite. But 3 and 4 were awesome in their time.
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    Is MMORPG = has grind.

    Note that after I had my first maxed char... my next one took me 2 days. Know what to do and how to do it and it's not that bad.
    I remember playing AO for 2 years, I think my highest level char was in the 100-120 range somewhere. Max level was 220. To go up 10 levels required as much xp as all previous levels put together(IE: going from 210-220 took as much xp as going from 1-210).
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    Ok, so I've done my research:

    Reading dude's steam greenlight, there's a lot of positive reviews, centering around the "GAME IS FREE = FREE VOTE" line. This seems normal and reasonable to me. There is also a non-zero amount of negative feedback.

    This also seems a very reasonable response. I suggest that there are some underlying issues (i.e. guy who makes the game probably doesn't have the calmest head) but that there is not nearly the censorship claimed, or the unjust banning claimed. Douche gets banned, douche gonna douche; lie about getting banned for a different reason to be a douche. Douche dev bans a player for no real reason; player is going to make a straight up appeal, then lose interest - not scramble around trying to piss in dev's lemonade.

    6 hours ago
    Long and short of it? A frequent trouble maker was given many second chances after routinely logging on the game drunk and causing a scene. After their banning, a bunch of people 'protested' for their unbanning. This 'protesting' consisted of spamming World Say with 'Unban X'. They were told to stop spamming the game or they would be banned as well, and they continued to.

    If the admin team of a game tells you to stop doing something disruptive, you don't get the right to complain when they follow through with it. I think what bothers people is that this is the internet and they are actually being held accountable for their actions. Too many people are used to being able to dodge responsibility under the guise of anonymity

    That's the basics of it anyway.
    Mining 11 hours ago
    This game generally seems quite good. However, I am slightly concerned by allegations made by various elements on online sites. Would someone 'in the know' be able to respond to the general allegations made of censorship and unwarranted permabanning?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not complaining of grinding. I expect grinding out of any game with roots in DQ/DW. The game just runs rather slow. I understand that nostalgia is the point of the game but it doesn't seem to have a whole lot to recommend it above booting up the old emulator and playing the real classics.

    It is free though.
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    You can look back at what I said -- MMOs (maybe not universally, but in some cases) are getting less grindy. I used Rift as an example.

    It's always a struggle for a new MMO to have enough content to fill in the gaps from min to max level so that there is NO grinding. But Rift manages it with zone events, that help bring chaos to the game. I know that some people don't like rifts and zone events because they disrupt their ability to complete quests. But those people are ones who haven't been able to get into the spirit of the game and have not learned to 'go with the flow' so to speak. I think the chaos that the zone events bring are great, and by the time you get to a higher level, that chaos actually becomes transformed into something quite different.

    Grind exists because creating content is hard. The solution is always to create more content. But at high levels, that becomes downright impossible, mostly because you stay at max level for far too long, and you can't fill infinite time with a a finite amount of content.

    So my trick is to get out when things start to get too grindy..
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    You could take a 33 page Greenlight Discussions topic about the censorship with numerous people saying their comments were deleted and banned as evidence, or the developer word for word saying he is banning a player for disrespecting him by telling him to obey the rules of another forum, or any of the sources in the original image as evidence of his bullying players, subscribers, indie devs and bundle owners. =P Or you could take the words of one of NEStalgia's moderators (Lumino) on the Greenlight page as proof to the contrary, but I was hoping that having actual evidence would be enough. I'm not sure what else could be provided.

    Just because there are a few, minor pieces of criticism buried in their Greenlight now doesn't mean they didn't nuke every last bit of it a few months back when they started getting called out on it. I just hope you'll take those links into consideration before you put money down on the game.
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    I have not given them any money. And your message is not being buried or ignored here. I am a skeptic. I do not always see clearly, but what I can see is a lack of clear proof of wrongdoing. That in no way means it is not happening. But Daynab has already asked us to not argue about this. This is a fight about the validity and trustworthiness of a game and the management of the game. It really does not belong on this site. But Gaslamp Games is cool with us discussing it. Arguing is not helpful though.

    Please relax. You have posted more than enough evidence. We just need some time to digest and decide what to think over it. To be honest the more fervently you argue for me to read more evidence, the more suspicious I become. My little investigation is not even close to complete. But I would not be the least bit suspicious of your motives if your first post was the last trying to sway me. It had more than enough for me to look at to see that I need to research it.

    Please, before the thread gets nuked from high orbit, relax a bit. :)
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    Btw: I know the player the dev is talking about who played while drunk frequently, she was a goon squad(something awful) member, was usually decent, but sometimes very loudmouth, and yes, very open about playing while drunk, and yes she'd flamewar while drunk. We had a bit of friendly rivalry going on between our guilds in the pvp tourneys, but outside of tourneys, we could team up occasionally. I was not completely surprised to hear about her ban. I also am not completely surprised about something awful forumites being something awful forumites.

    Splat, if you know her, say hi to Miss for me.
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    Some of what Splat said and referenced is very true. A thread I made on an account I made are both gone because I dared to ask if there was any chance of not being sued into oblivion for making a clone game for Linux. (The question was a test. I have not programmed anything worth looking at in over a decade.)

    Since Nestalgia is a clone of a NES game, I felt this was an easy test. They could have answered no and explained that they have contractual obligations that would make a royal mess of things. But the thread and the account were deleted. Poof!

    Honestly I forgot about this until just today when I was contacted about it. Shame on me. :(

    So a cloned game refuses to even allow discussions of further cloning. 'Nuff said for me. "eff them.

    Good day everyone.
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    Since I am so very good at leaving messes behind, I saw a thread on the NEStalgia thread and decided not to post there. (Obviously that is a lie.)
    *Edit* Rather than screenshots, since the posts cannot be arbitrarily removed, here is a link to the Steam Forum Thread.

    *Edit* The thread is gone altogether... Glad I saved these.
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    I'm honestly surprised that the NEStalgia SA drama is still somewhat fresh in people's minds.

    I'm the guy who effectively prompted the SA thread's slide into madness, and I assumed everyone forgot about the drama once the hate messages on my steam profile stopped rolling in. I only remembered it because of seeing this thread.

    Aside from that, while I certainly have issues with the game itself, it's the developer that I really don't like. Getting accused of being some stalker and getting a good 2 months of steam profile spam (Which silk probably didn't direct) wasn't fun at all. He's a massive prick, but as a regular player you'll almost certainly never have to deal with it, so if you really like the free version of the game, and are fine with the incredibly slow content releases, don't let that stop you from buying.
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    Well, it happens. Though some do not admit it, most people, if not everyone there is, love drama that does not concern them. It is something to busy our minds with, and once we start being interested in every little bit of drama there is around us it likely isn't surprising that some people go out of their way to keep it fresh.
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