Anyone play NEStalgia?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Wow. I am so very glad I never paid this expletive a cent. I will go ahead and post what I think of that I can myself observe of the game on the Greenlight page and allow the developer to ban me since it appears that is basically all he ever does.
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    Here is my little protest and test of the ban hammer.


    If my one petty complaint is deleted then I will know that you are dead-right on this guy and his ban obsession.
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    Then again, this post of yours is pretty provocative, Omni.

    Sort of like a maiden in a beige miniskirt and no underwear. But I'm derailing myself now.
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  5. OmniaNigrum

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    If they disagree and choose to react by directly challenging my statements then I will accept that they are not abusing the ban hammer. But I anticipate the worst. Time will tell.

    I noticed your Avatar is wearing a beige miniskirt.... Interesting. (...Mumble...Furries...Mumble...)
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    The guy obviously has poor social skills lol. That's my analysis of it. When you put something out there, like a game, you have to learn to deal with criticism, fair or unfair (granted, when you are close to the work, it's hard to distinguish which is which for some people). It doesn't mean that having an ego is bad, just that you should learn how to listen and be civil in the face of hearing things you might feel are unpleasant to hear (like 'your game sucks', or even more simply 'this one small part of your game sucks').

    Ego alone is not a bad thing. I know it's not deemed attractive, and this may not be a popular opinion, but we all could do with some ego, even a whole lot of it. In some cases, it can keep you from crawling into a hole instead of doing creative things. It's learning to not let it control or define you, and drive you to do and say dumb things and burn bridges and attack your customers and business partners that is important.
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    Oh right, the stalkers... this is one of them btw. Note how he joined just to put NEStalgia down, and hasn't posted anything else here before, joined today, first post.

    Btw: I've voiced several complaints, to the dev, while in game and on the forums, and I've never been as much as muted, much less banned.
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    Note how you immediately try to attack character over substance, because you can't attack the substance.

    Removed word.
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    Also, to be fair, I have noticed that there is no actual evidence that the comments on the Steam Greenlight have been removed by anyone other than the person who posted it.

    My little post above was actually the second of them I made. (Since the first had a typo and looked dumb.)

    If a person wanted to make it look like censorship was happening, all they need is a few friends with Steam accounts. Make the posts, take the first screenshot, delete your own posts and take another. Poof! Massive pseudo-conspiracy.

    Take everything with a grain of salt. I tend to believe the worst case as the most likely. But I trust Aegho. And just as he said, Splat has not posted anything here but in this thread.

    *Edit* Ninja'ed by what now really looks like a troll. Keep talking. You do no good to your position. Give it time and we will see if my post goes poof.
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  10. Splat

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    There's an entire thread of people saying their comments were deleted here:

    And here:

    And the issue is documented at the bottom of SA's Greenlight OP

    Chances are that no, your post won't be deleted now that you've put them on the spot publicly, though.
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    Typical stupid response.

    It is true that your first post here was in this thread. It is also true that it might make some people feel suspicious. Aegho made an assumption based on that, and as of now none of us (spare you, perhaps) can tell whether it's a right assumption or a wrong one.
    Yes, his attack might be perceived as a personal one, depending on the way you perceive it. But replying with "Typical fanboys" is rather low here, because it is not something that "might have been a personal attack", it is something that is a personal attack.

    And I'm stopping now before you start thinking I'm some sort of tyrant. But really, you are new here, and people are prone to make assumptions based on first posts, it just happens and you can either explain or struggle (and I don't think the latter is the correct choice).
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  12. Splat

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    I was simply replying to his deflecting criticsm of the game by way of crying "Stalkers!", and I figured "Fanboys" was an appropriate response. I guess not? =P
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    Well, "fanboy" is a rather heavy word (surprisingly, or perhaps not, considering how much "fans" of various thing can annoy sometimes) so many people do feel insulted over being called a fanboy if they are not one.

    Whatever, as of now I'm simply waiting for results of Omni's little test, and only after seeing them will I take any definite stance regarding this game (if I even do; I don't really have time to play MMO games so it's a non-issue for me, but there's still the thing with the Steam Greenlight so some decision is waiting to be made).
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  14. OmniaNigrum

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    Have a little faith in us. We will put your opinion to a proper test. I personally promise you that much.

    (I know you have no real reason to trust that, but that is the best I can do.)

    *Edit* By the way, I notice there are more than twice as many comments on NEStalgia's Greenlight page compared to ToME. And I can tell you without a doubt that ToME has an 'effing *MASSIVE* fanbase.

    That alone almost defeats your position to me, but like I said. I am skeptical. I also found this little gem that is funny in a way if you are right about them.
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    It's funny that he calls me fanboy, when he's part of a fanboy group that's been cyberstalking the game for ages(2-3 years now). I don't know if it's Falacy or if it's just one of the players(more likely), but note that this was a DBZ game that was shut down, and all this antagonism stems from there. Silk(creator of NEStalgia) did have a hand in getting it shut down. The game was subscription based, so making money from IP theft. He was worried about Namco Bandai shutting down BYOND completely, and thus his own game as well.

    Just setting things straight. I don't even really play the game anymore, I will give him this though, Silk's buddy who is also nominally a dev(though I think he's just a buddy with admin/moderator powers) Balzack, is a bit of a douche.
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  16. Daynab

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    I don't really care about importing drama from another forum and game over here, so keep it clean of posts just made to prove someone wrong. Thank you.
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  17. Splat

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    Him shutting down other indie games is ancient news, and only still relevant as a part of his history. The people mad at him recently mostly haven't even heard of that DBZ fangame.

    It's mostly a combination of him having a fit on a fan forum and making up stories about his critics there, banning the people there that had paid money from him game for terrible reasons, insulting the Greenlight Bundle owners and deleting the lion's share of critical comments from the Greenlight page. I made the original post to give people who might pay money for it a head's up, because there's no guarantee you won't end up receiving the same treatment and losing your money.
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    So, today I looked at the forums and noted someone was being accused for permabanning people in an MMO. Hrmm. Was it blizzard, I wonder? How about the guys behind GW2? No? Riot Games? Damn, surely it must be one of the big MMOs that seem to need no more than a skerrick of proof to ban a paying customer. It was an indie game? And they withdrew their game from him? Gee, I hope they read the EULA and realized that they probably agreed to sell their soul to his first born goat sacrifice.

    Anyway, I think its:

    A) incredibly stupid that this is even up for discussion - argue based on the merits of a game. The douchiness of dev staff should only be an issue - for a free game - later on.

    B) As someone who develops and helps run a NWN server for ~100 people - who have put way too much time into the game - if someone's being a dick, we ban them. If someone swears up a storm in all chat, we ban them. If someone pisses in someone else's goddamn lemonade, we'll ban them. And yet, in the three years I've been here, we've only issued 2 permabans and 3 temp bans for more than a day. I'll personally respect this dev's ability to ban anyone they please - admittedly, being douchy on someone else's forums is probably not cause for a ban (and I reserve the right to choose the word douchy as meaning whatever it happens to mean in this situation) - but we've certainly temp-banned people who crap out on the forums.

    C) I do not trust someone who's joined this forum for the express purpose of bashing on another game. Do not trust it at all. The fact that there's someone searching out all potentially positive interaction re: this game and attempting to quash it is, to me, a sign that perhaps the dev is right to ban people bitching about his game - because they're non-trivially likely to be bitching out his game in the public arena for the specific purpose of trying to piss on his profit stream. The fact that the big ol' image contains specific mention of the DBZ crap seems to imply to me that it is these same, I'd guess 12-15 year olds who're trying to piss in his lemonade.
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    This whole Nestalgia thing is so bizarre. I'd love to know what the real story is. I'm glad I retired from MMOs.
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  20. OmniaNigrum

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    Thank you Mining. That is the perfect way to say it. I am still looking for evidence of what Splat says, but as I told him in a PM, I have my doubts. Your choice of words was perfect this time around...

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