Anyone One Else Not able to access exp?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Mageous, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Mageous

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    This is probably a very very dumb question but i do not seem to have access (in steam that is); to exp branch was hoping to try out R32A! :D
  2. frontliner2

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    Right click the game in your Steam Library and in one of the tabs there is a function that allows you to play expirimental.
  3. Mageous

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    That's what i was saying i have no option to get into the experimental branch in the properties menu. Lol i should have elaborated.
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  4. frontliner2

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    I forgot to mention going in Properties first.
    I have a feeling you already know how it works
  5. Alephred

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    Are you sure you're looking at the correct tab?

    a) Right click on a Clockwork Empires in your Steam library. 'Properties' should be the very last item on that context menu. Every single game in your library should have a properties option. If that's missing, something wrong with your Steam client.

    b) Once in Properties, select the 'Betas' Tab. You should see a drop-down menu. Select 'Experimental' in there. No code is necessary.
  6. Mageous

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    Yes as i have said i am looking in the properties tab... the message i am recieving from the beta drop down menu is no beta available

    Guess Steam was Borken works fine now >.< silly me i shoulda just restarted steam from the get go