Any way to locally download subscribed mods from Steam Workshop?

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    Is there any way to locally download all subscribed mods from Steam Workshop?
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    They are, by default, you can unzip the steam workshop mods as well, turning them into regular mods.

    The mod folder is here:
    For Windows:
    XP and lower: documents and settings/<user name>/gaslamp games/dungeons of dredmor/mods
    Vista and 7: users/documents/gaslamp games/dungeons of dredmor/mods

    For Mac: username/Library/Application Support/Dungeons of Dredmor/Mods
    For Linux: $HOME/.local/share/Dredmor

    If you back up one step from the mod folder, there should be a steam folder, inside are files with strange names, these are your steam workshop mods, and the file format is zip, even though the extension is different. Unzip to a folder inside the mod folder above, as explained here:
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    Is there any way to change the extensions of every file in the folder at once?
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