Any way to force the game to recalculate your stats?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by RaustBlackDragon, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. The game seems to have forgotten that I have a diggle god's blessing, at least statwise. Is there anything I can do to make the game recalculate my stats from scratch, to add back the things it missed?

    If not, there really should be a way, it would fix all stat glitches.
  2. That sucks, but what would happen if you select another Diggle God or try to activate the one you got the blessing from in the first place?
  3. It's worse than that. It seems that the game's been steadily draining me of stats whenever I change floors with a buff procced. I used to have somewhere around 66 melee power, I'm now at around 30. FML.
  4. Get your title edited and move this to the suggestions forum IMO; a recalculate command would be both a great band-aid now as well as decent future-proofing for this and other stat miscalculations such as leveling up while carrying debuffs.
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    This is a bug report, not a suggestion. Stuff's broke.

    ... Nicholas!
  6. True, it is also a bug. A hotkey to recalculate all your stuff can help us a great deal in between patches, though, during which time some of us are running around with 20 crit chance when we should have 80. Fixed bugs are better, but bandaids are a relief for the player who doesn't want to wait a month for his character to be usable again.
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  7. What really strikes me as odd is why it was set up this way in the first place. Does calculating it from scratch create a performance hog or something?
  8. Kazeto

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    It was probably just more convenient to create it like that, RaustBlackDragon.
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    Well, there could be at least a recalculation everytime you level up/go up/down stairs.
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    Moved this to bugs since you made a suggestion on the suggestion section anyway.

    I've been poking Nicholas about broken stats, we'll see what happens.
  11. Sorry about that :( I figured this was a well-known bug, and I was just asking if anybody knew of a workaround, so I thought that belonged in gameplay.
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    No problem :)
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    Maybe Essence should compose a Haiku about this...
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  14. Semi-related:
    I've found that occasionally, my elemental resistances/damages list is way smaller than it should be, like wearing the Cybertronic Amulet and having no Voltaic resistance/power. I'm not sure if they're still affecting my player, or if they're flat out not being applied to my character, but it can be fixed by unequipping and reequipping (unrelated: reequipping is a word but unequipping isn't, according to Firefox), and the stuff shows up again.
    Unsure if it applied to stats, didn't really pay THAT much attention to it.