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  1. Arphahat

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    Is it completely random, or is there a way to determine / affect the outcome of using the anvil of Krong? Sometimes I get good things, other times it is cursed. Are there some items that are always going to be ruined?
  2. VladdyLulz

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    As I've seen it, it seems like items with more bonuses on them, have less of a chance of Krong being pleased, and buffing it further. I've never had him deny me just a basic item before. As a test, I saved in front of one, then kept attempting to enchant an item, by ctrl+alt+del'ing out, and after a few tries, he did indeed buff it. What the formula is, I am not sure, but the more stuff is on it, the harder it is to get a positive outcome.
  3. Wallach

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    Are there items that cannot be modified by an anvil? I put a mage robe on one - I seemed like it had a unique name - and even though it said Krong was pleased the item was not modified in any fashion.
  4. VladdyLulz

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    There might be an enchantment cap. That, or unique equipment can't be enchanted further, I'm not sure. I haven't tested it with unique equipment yet. I'll be sure to do that.
  5. Rikkard

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    I had a ring, not sure if it was unique or anything, but it had every attack type on it. Doubt there is a cap.
  6. Zyzone

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    So far I've enchanted my Axe 7 or so times. I'm sure I've just been lucky ( or it's a glitch). If there is a enchant cap it's more than 7 enchants

  7. NefariousKoel

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    I think it's totally random whether you get it or not. I've had basic first-time items get cursed and buffed both. Same with previously buffed/cursed ones.

    Only difference I noticed were the bonuses and penalties added. On items with more original bonuses/penalties, generally higher ranked ones, it tends to give more.
  8. 7Soul

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    Well today I was trying to roll some good status on a Knightly Sword by ctrl+alt+del'ing, but I would aways get some crappy status like +1 or +2 on something. I re-did it ~30 times, and the stats were aways crappy, and something like 5% were negative. I think it has something to do with the rarity (its a 9 stars sword) or maybe each anvil has its own power level (btw, this anvil was on dungeon level 5)
  9. Ganonfro

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    I have a theory that the higher QUALITY item you're using determines how many buffs it can have on it before Krong might give a curse. I have I believe like... 14 buffs on one of my axes and it's 9/10 stars. Using my archaeologist's mistranslation ability, I can remove the curses and replace them with buffs if I do it a few times. Bearded Axe has I believe a total of +40 from all of the bonus damages on it currently. I also had the recharging the anvil ability to test this further. I think I only had 2 times he cursed the axe, instead of giving it at least a single plus.

    Anyways, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.