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  1. I was just going back to Dredmor as I have yet to complete it fully and its still as awesome as I remember. I was looking for what your next game is and I saw that it wasnt a rpg. Thats ok, but let me just say if you decide to make another rpg like dredmor, you will have an instant buyer out of me!

    I found the game to be perfect and I really cant find anything wrong with it. The only real thing is that there arent enough games out there like it.

    Are there any plans for another rpg possibly in the future or will it just be Dredmor 2?
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  2. Loerwyn

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    Dredmor 2 is possible, certainly, but I think roguelikes are becoming the next MOBA at the moment, with a lot of indies and off-shoot developers creating them. I mean we've got Claustrophobia, The Pit, DoomRL, A Rogue's Tale and many more either in development or now out, and I don't think Dredmor 2 would be quite so wise.

    Either way, it's too early to say as almost all efforts are focused on Clockwork Empires.
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  3. Kaidelong

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    I think it'd be hard to make a Dungeons of Dredmor 2 that resembles the original. The funny original setting seems to be more by epiphany than design, and has much in common with the setting of Kingdom of Loathing. Although some tongue in cheek continuity might be possible it'd probably be better just to make Dungeons of Dredmor 2 have nothing to do with the first except for being packed full of references to other things, including the first game.

    It ain't gotta be no roguelike. It could be something like Fortune Summoners or Deus Ex or whatever they want. RPG is very generic.
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  4. Darkmere

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    I've been sold on Clockwork Empires since it debuted, to the point of getting a quad-core CPU when my last motherboard died. If it's anything like Dwarf Fortress (as it claims) with a non-brain-bendingly annoying interface (which seems probable) I'll be hooked for a long, long time. Don't get me wrong, I love DF. But one can only b-C-w tab tab tab down down enter kkkkkkkkk so many times.

    That's the sequence to designate construction of a 1X10 wall, if memory serves.
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  5. Bohandas

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    Then thay shouldn't do Dungeons of Dredmor II. If they do another game it should be in the same vein but in a completely different setting. Maybe a sci-fi RPG.
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  6. SkyMuffin

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    A turn-based rpg with elements from Dredmor, but a storyline centering the game, would be kind of nifty.

    Or maybe Dredmor 2 could be everything OUTSIDE of the dungeon. Diggle forests, dwarves versus elves, bolt councils, etc.
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  7. Loerwyn

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    Daggle forests, more like.
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  8. Sapeviech

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    I would be happy with any game that has the awesome theme, monsters and Diggle-mayhem in it :)
  9. Alistaire

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    DoomRL isn't a threat to DoD at all. The Pit is quite a different universe, and I think MOBA's were never developed by Indie devs anyways.

    I just think that a DoD 2 wouldn't be good, because DoD is way too full of bad jokes and references, and has no real "character" to its weapons, because they're pretty much all references.. The game mechanic can't really be expanded upon, because it's a roguelike! The biggest differences between two runs are the loot and the build.

    To me, the best thing for DoD would be more modding support, or just leaving it as is - since the devs seem to have an aweful time trying to fix the bugs that get into each bugfix that was released with the intention to fix the bugs from the previous bugfix.
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  10. Cream Magneto

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    i would gladly take another paid expansion pack that makes the dungeon 20 floors deep or adds a bunch of new gameplay mechanics like encrusting.

    been months since ive played DoD,all the cool kids are playing with their dont starve beta now.
  11. Loerwyn

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    Threats are not what my point was. My point was that the market is getting saturated with roguelikes and dungeon delvers. They're a dime a dozen right now, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop. Yes, Gaslamp would probably succeed if they did DoD2, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would be the best move they could make.

    Clockwork Empires is getting buzz. It's something relatively different, something that blends fairly popular niche genres. I think for their own sake, Gaslamp should do something different.

    Sure, maybe DoD2 could happen in the future. I'd certainly like that, and I'm such Nicholas and the gang would love to rip out the problem areas of DoD and put in more efficient, simple & user-friendly (for themselves and modders) coding and stuff. I mean I've heard rumours that if you mention "Dredmor" and "UI" in a sentence near David, he turns into some sort of indescribable creature of unnatural birth. But I don't think the team, from what little I know, is particularly in the right place for Dredmor 2. It would be a massive misstep.
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  12. Arron Syaoran

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    I would love to see a Graphical Roguelike with a Deus Ex-like storyline and/or scifi element, or maybe a different kind of RPG based on Dredmor/Clockwork Knights universe. Although I do like ASCII Roguelikes, the graphics scheme of text is kinda overdone for the genre.

    Edit: I also have yet to see a 2D Top-down Action RPG with Scifi instead of Fantasy. Kinda like 2D Zelda with a Cyberpunk theme.
  13. Haldurson

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    Let's see how CE goes before asking for more Dredmor. Don't get me wrong -- I love Dredmor. I've even recently returned to the game after a brief absence. And I'd be among the first in line to purchase Dredmor 2, or new DLC.

    Realistically, though, if CE is even reasonably successful, that will likely continue to be the main focus of the company going forward -- patches, dlcs, and so on. There's no telling when GLG will start a new project. And it's very possible that at that point, if they actually say they are doing another DLC or a Dredmor sequel, that you'll all be begging them to do more work on CE instead. Of couse 2015 is when the zombie apocalypse is prophesied, so don't hold your breath (unless you need to hide from the zombies underwater, then by all means do hold your breath).
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  14. Arron Syaoran

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    It seems every time an Apocalyptic Hoax is falsified(first Y2k, then 2012, and now the 2015 Zombie thing), stupid doomsayers keep generating new ones.

    Edit: speaking of future stuff, in 2015 we're about to prove the Texaco Oil Company, Jaws Sequel, Cubs winning world series and Flying cars false(from back to the future part 2). Also, let's hope the Dodge Motor Company doesn't make it to 2060.
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